My Hair Journey – Going Natural.

Hey everyone. Hope you’re good? Happy Sunday by the way. Well I did delete my old blog (  because I wanted a fresh start, this is my fresh start and I hope it’s as good as the former (or even better).

Sooooooooooo I’m super excited (I haven’t slept at all because of this post)! I finally summed up courage to open this blog and if you’re reading this now, then it’s up and running. 😀 Under this category,  I’d talk about my hair journey; failed hairstyles, new products to try out, bad hair days etc.

I decided to go natural (ignores side comments) last month; February although I big chopped January 2, 2014 and relaxed my hair after that because I didn’t have plans of going natural or pampering my hair so right now my hair is still transitioning, hopefully by April/May it will be 100% natural. Now, my mission is healthy natural hair plus length retention too.

I still don’t know my hair type because my hair is an inch and half, I’ve been told not to worry about hair typing and just focus on healthy hair for now (I’d do a post soon on various hair types and properties so you can determine yours) since it’s still quite difficult to ascertain at this point although it’s two months, a week and 5 days (yes I’m counting -_-). I can explain some things I already understand about my hair and I’d post pictures at the end of this post so we can all play the guess game for my hair type.

I have two hair types, 1/3 of my hair at the back is different from the rest. The curls are looser and the hair strands are softer. The remaining part of my hair has tighter curls that clump together at the roots and form a spiral shape when stretched. My hair doesn’t like oils as the oils just sit on my hair strands instead of penetrating so I’ve learnt to use little amount of oil. My scalp is dry and quite itchy, my current moisturizer (which I’d do a review about soon) is quite good but since my hair is very dry I’d invest in a heavier moisturizer soon. For my itchy scalp, I have jojoba oil and tea tree oils on my wishlist. I try to spritz my hair every now and then with either water or my leave-in conditioner (review coming soon too) and seal with EVOO – extra virgin olive oil. Currently my hair is in twist outs and I scarf it (with a silk scarf of course) ALL the time. I’m getting a wig soon so the scarf will be just for bedtime. With time I plan on learning more about my hair and I’d share the products I use to maintain it.

Here are some pictures of my hair as I’m currently rocking my TWA – Teeny Weeny Afro.

My hair at two months.
My hair at two months.


My hair at a month and two weeks.
My hair at a month and two weeks.
Three days after my BIG CHOP.
Three days after my BIG CHOP.


So there’s progress, slow and steady, #teamhealthynaturalhair lol.

Have a great week ahead.

God bless you.



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