Bantu Knot Out On Relaxed Hair.

Yesterday I did bantu knots on my friend Tanny‘s hair even though she’s relaxed.

I used water and Organics by Africa’s Best Kids Detangling Moisturizing Lotion to detangle her hair in each section.

I twisted each section using two strands, I wrapped the twisted section around itself and used a bobby pin to secure the ends. Easy and simple.

I love this method of doing the bantu knots, there are several other methods which you can try out, I just prefer this one.

P.S this is my first attempt at bantu knots and I can say proudly that I did justice to it after watching several YouTube videos.

Bantu knots held with hair pins
Bantu knots held with hair pins


Results. Loosened today.
Results. Loosened today.


Front view.
Front view.

Have you tried bantu knots? Does it look good when it’s out? How long do you have it in for?

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Till next time.


7 thoughts on “Bantu Knot Out On Relaxed Hair.

  1. This is beautiful, but even if I wanted to try it, you didn’t state how long I should leave the knots in for…..would love that information.
    I’m actually on my natural hair so would love to try it.


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