Dreads-like Twists.

Hey everyone. So as I said in this post, my hair is in twists as a protective style for low manipulation not for any style whatsoever since this is only what my hair can do in this phase.

For the twists, the first time I did them my hair had lots of slip and getting my hair to twist was somewhat difficult because my hair is short and I can’t twist my hair in big sections so this time I did the twists on dry hair and it was easier. No my hair didn’t experience severe breakage because I did a diy protein deep conditioning treatment (where I experimented with bama mayonnaise, olive oil and raw aloe vera gel and it worked because my hair felt stronger hence why I could twist my fine strands dry) on wash day. The twists took a day (because I kept pausing, replying messages and just being lazy, it isn’t easy to twist short hair either-way since it keeps unraveling) and I planned to keep them till wash day since I CW and DC my hair once a week to remove build up.

I currently use the LOC method so that’s what I used on my hair through out this week. Also I learnt not to apply oil on the scalp if you have an itchy scalp since it clogs the pores. I reduced  the application of oil on my scalp and my scalp itches less.

To create the dreads-like look, I sprayed water on my hair, then with EVOO in my hands, I applied it all over my hair using my palms in circular motions to create texture and make the twists “stand”. I decided to rock my twists (which I never do) to class because it looked so good.

Here are pictures of my hair when I first twisted them, four days after and when I finally unraveled them today.

When I first twisted my hair last week Friday. See how the twists are "sleeping".
When I first twisted my hair last week Friday. See how the twists are “sleeping”.
Twists looking like locs on the forth day.
Twists looking like locs on the forth day.
Front view of the 'dreads-like twists'.
Front view of the ‘dreads-like twists’.
Today, after I separated the twists.
Today, after I separated the twists.
Back view.
Back view.

I’m currently using the Kuza Indian Hemp Hair and Scalp Treatment for hair growth and density, I know it has petrolatum and paraffin wax as it’s first two ingredients which can weigh down my fine strands but it works for hair growth so I’m sticking to it. I’d do an update after a month to see if it works well but so far my edges are popping out and my hair’s density has moved from low to medium and I’m happy about that. In the end it all boils down to what works for you.

Tomorrow is wash day so I’d talk about how I wash my hair and the products I use (nothing spectacular). I’m also going to try oil rinsing with olive oil and share results.

For Natural Hair Acronyms used in this blog, please check this page.

Till tomorrow,

Stay blessed.


16 thoughts on “Dreads-like Twists.

  1. Nice! I think I’ll try this when I take out my weave. I also use a similar product; Swiss Jardin Indian Hemp hair cream but I mix it with shea butter and my nature vitale leave in conditioner.


  2. i think the universe is tryna connect to me. Been about locking my hair lately. It goes well with your face


  3. lovely post… but for someone with a long hair How do I twist hmmmm. I love dis n keep it up… #going places dearie..


      1. I do this stle for my friend all the time using gel and she has long hair. Comes out really nice if the twists are really tiny…..


  4. This is my “go to style”. I discovered it when I was expperimenting with wash and go’s and it suited me better than wash and go’s cos the curls lasted longer especially when I started using sprits after curling the strands. It takes me about an hour to twist every strand on my head cos I make them extremely small but believe me, the end result is worth it. I believe it is called “finger curls” or “finger coils”……


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