Wash Day.

Thank God it’s Friday! 😉 I apologize for this late post, I had issues with internet connection. Anyway I’m here now, let’s get down to it.

Thursday was wash day for me so this is my wash routine;

  • I conditioned my hair with VO5 Moisturizing Conditioner (review coming up, I love this conditioner). I used about a quarter size of my conditioner to wash my hair twice.
  • I deep conditioned with Vitale Olive Oil Hair Mayonnaise (review coming up soon as well, this hair mayonnaise has hydrolyzed oat and soy protein which is good for my fine strands), wore my shower cap, tied my silk scarf on it and waited for 25 minutes before rinsing off.
  • I oil rinsed with EVOO after DC’ing. I wore my plastic cap for less than 20 minutes before rinsing off. I didn’t like this part of my wash routine because I failed to read the cons of oil rinsing (I’d do a post about oil rinsing too). My scalp was super itchy and it disturbed me until I rinsed my hair with cold water just to make my scalp relax. Oil rinsing is a no-no for me. Maybe I’d use the EVOO on my next wash day for pre-poo’ing only. There was so much oil in my hair even after I rinsed twice, maybe I put too much oil I don’t know but my hair was oily and itchy, not good.

My wash routine isn’t anything extraordinary, I’m still experimenting with different techniques to find out which works best for my hair, my hair is still in the TWA phase so I’m allowed to experiment.

For my next wash day routine, I’m going to try pre-poo’ing with EVOO and I’d use one of my old sulfate shampoos (diluted of course) because my hair needs to get the build up caused by the Kuza Indian Hemp Hair and Scalp Treatment out as soon as possible.

Here are pictures of my hair which I tried to take. It can be difficult taking pictures of your hair especially when it is short. 😦

After DC'ing.
After DC’ing.
Shiny hair after oil rinsing.
Shiny hair after oil rinsing.
After oil rinsing.
After oil rinsing.

As usual, my hair is currently in twists till next wash day.

Have a fab weekend!


8 thoughts on “Wash Day.

  1. How many times in a week do u wash? And damn u r a product junkie!!!!! Pre’pooing and all! I just wash DC then rinse of! I’m addicted to my twist and lock gel, it just has dis way of making my hair look gud.


    1. Once a week, you?
      Lol no I’m not, I just like to experiment. I still have my staple products.
      I rarely use gel on my hair because I don’t want my hair to flake.


        1. Lol I’m not a fan of wash and go’s because my hair is dry so it tends to be hard and spongy when it’s out in the sun for a long time.
          I use the Loc method too and it’s going good.
          All the best dear.


    1. Lol yay!
      Funny thing is the next morning there was no trace of oil in my hair. I feel EVOO is too heavy, maybe a lighter oil will give better results.


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