Oil Rinsing.

Oil rinsing is a process that involves applying excess amount of carrier oil onto the hair from root to scalp, allowing it sit on the hair for a period of time; less than 25 minutes, with or without heat whichever is your preference and then rinsing off with cool water. Oil rinsing isn’t the same as pre-pooing. Oil rinsing can be easily added to your wash regimen at intervals. Oil rinsing can be done after shampooing the hair before applying the conditioner or if you use conditioners only, it can be applied after conditioning the hair but before deep conditioning or after deep conditioning, it just depends on your preference.


Oils that can be used include;

  • Olive oil.
  • Coconut oil.

  • Argan oil.

  • Castor oil.

  • Sweet almond oil.

  • Avocado oil.

  • Grapeseed oil.

  • Jojoba oil.


How to Oil Rinse

  • Preferably after shampooing, ensure hair is still quite damp.
  • Apply your favourite oil; Coconut oil for fine hair, Olive oil for coarse hair.

  • Let it sit on the hair for 5 – 25 minutes, with or without heat.

  • Rinse with cool water.

  • Proceed with deep conditioning or if it is done after deep conditioning, style as desired.


    Advantages of Oil Rinsing

    • Reduces frizz.
  • Easy detangling process.

  • Helps retain moisture in hair.

  • Adds shine or sheen to hair since natural hair can look dull sometimes.

  • Promotes softer hair.


    Disadvantages of Oil Rinsing

    • Oil rinsing can aggravate itchiness if you have dandruff or any scalp irritation.
  • If you’re on the CG method, you may not like oil rinsing because with time, shampoo will be needed to remove the excess build up caused by the oil attracting dust from your environment.

  • N.B Please use oil that can penetrate your hair shafts easily such as coconut oil if not you’d hate oil rinsing completely.

    Have I done this before? Yes

    Will I do it again? No, because my hair doesn’t like oil and I used olive oil (which I think is fake) on my fine strands so it was just horrible. The oil sit on my hair for a really long time, my hair didn’t appreciate the excess oil. Also, my scalp was very itchy. No, Never, Ever.

    If you oil rinse let me know and share some tips too. 😉

    Till next time,


    10 thoughts on “Oil Rinsing.

    1. I tried oil rinsing a few times and did not see a difference in my hair. The last time I did it, it felt like I was wasting my coconut oil. Btw, I have fine low porosity hair and favorite oils are coconut, olive and grapeseed.


      1. Lol, sorry hun.
        I also regretted having that excess oil on my hair, not trying it anymore.
        I used to like olive oil but the one I have currently is fake so I’ve replaced it with raw coconut oil and it’s perfect and light. Doesn’t sit on my hair like the olive oil.
        I have fine medium-high porosity hair though.


        1. Please, how did you identify that your olive oil was fake? I saw that u were using Goya EVOO from your precious pix. Pls, how can one easily identify fake ones. Thanks.


          1. Well, telling fake from original isn’t easy but I figured it was fake because my hair was itching unnecessarily.
            I have two olive oils and they both smell and look different so I guess you’d have to try it to see how your hair appreciates it.
            My hair for one doesn’t like olive oil.
            You can also check http://www.naturalnigerian.com, she did a post on it,
            Hope this helps.


    2. Castor oil seems way to thick for oil rinsing. Also I think you are supposed to apply from root to tip not root to scalp. My hair is also fine and low po, and I have done hot oil treatments with great success


      1. Happy for you!
        I applied root to tip, I have itchy scalp so I made sure I avoided the oil touching my scalp. Maybe some got to my scalp since my hair is only less than 2 inches long.
        Thanks for the advice dear.


    3. Hmm.

      I’m still trying to research this “new trend” so to speak, but I’ve read a few naturals say they do it differently (e.g. The Kinky Apothecary)- http://thekinkyapothecary.blogspot.com/2014/02/the-5-tweaks-to-my-regimen-that-have.html

      Generously apply oil to wet hair after shampooing/ co-washing
      Then apply your conditioner/ deep conditioner
      Let deep conditioner work, then rinse out.

      With this, I don’t imagine you’d have any build up.


      1. I’m sure hun but I did it differently too; after deep conditioning, maybe that’s why I don’t like it till date.

        Btw, I’m still waiting for your email 🙂

        God bless.


    4. I just think oil rinsing does not appeal to me. I’d rather do a pree-poo, GHE or just add my preferred oil to my DC. Why shampoo my haiormonly to get oil back in it. Just saying…


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