NH Feature: Breena Afrika.

Hey followers! Today I opened a new category on the blog and it’s Hair Inspiration (drum rolls). Under this category, I’d share with you all Naturalistas from around the world who can inspire anyone who wants to go natural or who wants to add few products and tricks here and there to their hair regimen. Today we’re meeting Breena Afrika; fun to talk to and so kind. God bless her. Let’s get down to business. I’m super excited!

photo 1Tell me about yourself.

Hi! My name is Breena Afrika, I’m 28 years old, from the Upstate but currently reside in Columbia, SC.

091 Describe your hair before going natural.

Before going natural, I was hooked on that creamy crack (relaxer) lol. I kept my hair cut in a simple bob. The longest my hair ever grew was shoulder length. In my relaxed days, I experimented with color once jet black and another time highlights.

139   Why did you go natural?

I wanted change. I was ready to start a new chapter in my life.

005Did you BC or transition?

Here’s how it all got started. On August 18, 2011, I decided to start my natural hair journey and began with transitioning for 7 months. During this time I wore a sew- in and rocked the infamous “mommy wig”.


If you transitioned, how long before you BC’d?

On March 10, 2012 I big chopped. Did I mention it was 4 months before my wedding date? It wasn’t just about hair that day it was about reformation. I was letting go of a lot of dead weight that I choose to hide behind for so many years. Now I had to find new ways to embrace what God originally created for me. After a year of embracing my natural hair. I decided to do a 2nd big chop on August 27, 2013. I didn’t experience breakage or damaged hair I simply wanted a cute stylish tapered cut and some color that would give my hair a different look.


How long have you been natural for?

March 10, 2014 marked 2nd year of being natural.

photo 3

Tell me about your hair now; hair type, hair properties, hair likes and dislikes

My hair type is 4a with 4c tendencies. I have coarse hair, tight coils, and experience major shrinkage.

photo 3 (9)

What’s your hair regimen?

I co-wash my hair weekly and shampoo my hair once a month. I deep condition and do protein treatments when my hair is in need of some TLC. I trim my ends 3 times a year. I use heat sparingly when doing blow outs for extra length. Since going natural, I have not straightened my hair or had it professionally done since my BC. No particular reason, I just like my money in my own pockets, lol.

photo 5

Holy Grail products? Share!

My favorite products are H2O, glycerin, olive oil, coconut oil, rose water, argon oil, and African Pride herbal oil, rosemary oil, peppermint oil, and vitamin E oil.  I also use Crème of Nature leave in conditioner, V05 moisturizing conditioner, Eden Body Work peppermint shampoo, conditioner, oil and curling cream. Lastly I started taking biotin supplements daily but I have switched to the most recent talk of the town hair infinity pills.


How often do you wear your hair out?

I wear protective hair styles during the harsh winter months. Also when I get tired of my hair or feel the urge to switch up my look I go to a protective style.


Have you been tempted to pick a relaxer at any point? Of course! A couple of weeks ago I was dreading washing my hair and thought “if only my hair was relaxed how much simpler wash day would be”. These thoughts happen to the best of us but only the strong survive, lol.

photo 5 (13)Have you received negative comments about your hair?

When I first BC’d some family members questioned why I choose to cut off my “ glory”  (that’s a reference in the bible to cutting off your blessings). I knew what was to come, more blessings and a healthy head of hair to go with it.


Any tips or tricks you want to share? We’re willing to learn! For those transitioning, protective hairstyles are the best way to go. For those with TWA’s if you are insecure about not having any hair dress your hair up with a beat face, some hair accessories or cute frames. Lastly, moisture, moisture, moisture… it’s the main ingredient to healthy natural hair.


Don’t go! How can we still keep in touch? 

Instagram: Mrsafrika Facebook: Breena J Afrika Youtube: Breena Afrika


Isn’t her hair pretty? I love it.

If you’d like to be featured on TLB (The Life of Bey) under the Hair Inspiration Category, do send an email of interest to lifeofbey@yahoo.com and I’d reply with the questions as soon as I receive your email.

Have a wonderful day and don’t forget, Jesus loves you.


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