Hair Update.

Hey Hey! Thank God it’s Friday. I honestly can’t explain the excitement I’m feeling this Friday, maybe it’s because my 100 days of fasting will be over today or maybe I’m just excited about my hair.

I finally found my hair type, it’s a 4a!

Finger Nails Photography lol
Finger Nails Photography lol

Now let’s go into details.

Hair Type – 4a with very tight coils at the edges, crown, middle, sides but looser curls at the lower part of my head. I’m still waiting for it to grow out completely.


Density – Medium density at the sides, edges and back, high density at the middle and front.


Porosity – Highly porous at the sides and edges, they get dry easily, then low – medium porosity at the middle. It takes about an hour for my hair to dry after washing.


Width – My hair is predominately fine but I discovered that the hair at my edges towards the back of my hair are completely coarse.


Length – Currently my hair measures about 1 and half inches.


What’s New – Well, to deep condition my hair, I use raw aloe vera gel from the plant, my Vitale Hair Mayonnaise and raw coconut oil (in this order) and I’ve noticed my curls pop even more than when I used the hair mayo ordinary. Also, I seal my ends with shea butter after using Organic’s Kids Detangling Lotion. The shea butter acts as my heavy sealant since my ends get dry easily. Also I got a wig! (whoop!)


In Conclusion – I’ve decided not to comb my hair until wash days, if you know the process your hair goes through by using a comb, you might just change your orientation about combs generally lol.

Camera 360

To get what a type 4a hair looks like, picture a regular bohemian weave with just smaller and tighter curls. I tried to get pictures of my curls from the roots, bear with me, this was my best.

My hair is 3 months, a week and a day old. It still breaks, but I guess that’s something I have to live with for now since it’s fine.

All in all, I’ve seen an improvement in the health of my hair, even though I haven’t gotten to my hair goal of 2″ by the third month, healthy hair beats anything.


Does anyone know a very good (and affordable) leave in conditioner I can use based on my hair properties listed above? Do leave a comment, thanks.

Take care,


8 thoughts on “Hair Update.

  1. congrats on your journey. The longer your hair gets the more your curls will change. I wasn’t paying attention and my hair became really different once it was past APL. Enjoy your hair and I don’t have any high porosity recommendation as I am the opposite, but hopefully you will find one soon.


    1. Thanks hun! When it was shorter I thought it was 4c, I’m glad with the curls popping.

      Any one that works fine for medium porosity will be appreciated, I just need a new leave in, my current leave in would finish soon and I’d like to try a product people recommend.


  2. Awwn..this just reminded me of my twa days….My sides are also high po, They dry pretty much faster than any other parts of my head. I like that the fact that you are wigging it as protective style. I would be trying that pretty soon too!


  3. Hi dear…. new to the blog! lovely hair and congrats on your journey… although, your hairs probably is 4c or (maybe) 4b. My 4c hair was exactly like that when it was at that length. I saw the curls pop and thought oooh nice…. it occurs in a few places just right after a wash right? From the pics, it looks more like 4c, but anyway, I’m no hair typing police… just sharing thoughts.


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