It’s A Wig & Ootd!

I decided to post this today, much later after the hair update.

It’s my first #OOTD (whoop!).

So I needed a good protective style since my hair was breaking from my last twists and I really want to retain length so I opted for a wig.

My friend Amaka made the wig for me using my Indian Hair weave and Passion Indian Hair weave.


  • New look!
  • With the way she sewed it in, I can practically switch up the look any time.
  • I get to take care of my hair and not bother about it being dry throughout the day.
  • It’s better than tying a scarf all the time.

  • Protects my hair from sun.




  • My hair itches at the slightest contact with weft of a weave, I just realised that so I guess I won’t be fixing my hair often but I’d stick to wigs since I can easily take it off.
  • It’s not a low manipulation style since it takes me 15 – 25 minutes to style, as opposed tying my scarf which takes less than a minute -__-
  • I’m not used to having a weave on so I always feel quite uncomfortable.

  • PhotoGrid_1397219854133




    I have no make up on. Lately I wear make up only to church. “The Make Up Artist that doesn’t wear make up often”.

    So I’m going to rock this look for a while, preferably till May (I can always remove the wig and rock my hair for a week and I don’t have classes everyday so…)

    What is your go-to protective style? Do leave a comment.

    Stay blessed.


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