NH Feature: Ashlea.

Hey everyone. How’s your weekend going? Mine is good, make up! Post coming up soon. Today on Natural Hair Inspiration, Ashlea is here to inspire you!

image (3)

Tell me about yourself.

I am an aspiring MUA and wedding planner who loves Fashion, DIY projects, and Discounts!


Describe your hair before going natural.

When it was relaxed, my hair was soft, thick, and at shoulder length before I cut it into a pixie cut (which I loved so much) that was a year before I transitioned.


Why did you go natural?

I missed a few relaxers and saw new growth was really starting to take over. My cousin and a few friends told me about their natural hair. I wanted my hair to be healthy and long again so I said “ok I’m doing it!” Plus those relaxers are EXPENSIVE (ain’t nobody got time for that lol) .


Did you BC or transition?



If you transitioned, how long before you BC’d?

4 1/2 months.


How long have you been natural for?

1 yr and 5 months.


Tell me about your hair now; hair type, hair properties, hair likes or dislikes?

I’m not really sure what my hair type is. People have different definitions of each type but it’s thick, soft, coily and wavy at the same time. My hair loves coconut oil, and conditioner is my new creamy crack.


What’s your hair regimen like?

I co-wash once a week. Pre-poo and leave-in moisturizer at every wash.  Deep conditioner every other week and I only shampoo when needed.


Holy-Grail products? Share!

My friend and I always say, “get that water girl!” It’s the elixir of life and whether your drinking it, or using it for your hair, it will work wonders. And it’s free!


How often do you wear your hair out?

I actually just debuted my fro March 25th, 2014. Up until then, I was wearing braids, twists and wigs. I’m not sure how long I’m going to leave it out, but I’m loving it right now so it could be a while.

image (8)

Have you been tempted to pick that relaxer at any point?

Oh Heck No! I won’t even look at it if I’m in the store.

image (7)

Have you received negative comments about your hair?

Not yet. It’s new to most people. Before I wore it out the 1st time, only 3 people saw it out. The only negative comment I’ve received were from myself. I was worried my natural hair wasn’t “pretty” enough. I didn’t even take many photos of it because I didn’t want people to see it. So silly right?


Any tips or tricks you want to share? We’re willing to learn!

Just allow yourself to love your hair the way it is, no product no nothing (even if you don’t wear it that way) it’s beautiful because it’s the way YOU were made. You can’t get more “you” than that.

image (6)

Don’t go! How can we still keep in touch?

Instagram: Dressed_in_love


I just want to put my fingers through her hair, so fluffy.

This is to inform everyone that TLB is now number TWO on google search (that is, when you search for “life of bey” on google), I’m super excited about this and all glory belongs to God.

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