NH Feature: Samantha.

Hey Hey! How’you guys doing? Hope the weekend was fab? I know mine was! Anyways, back to business, this week we’re back to our Natural Hair Inspiration, we’re featuring Samantha with the pretty hair! Be inspired! IMG_1528 Tell me about yourself. My name is Samantha and I am from Columbia, South Carolina   Describe your hair before going natural. I have been natural all my life. Growing up, my parents wouldn’t allow me to have a relaxer. As I got older I decided just to keep wearing my in its natural state instead of getting a relaxer. IMG_5121 Why did you go natural? Even though growing up I really wanted a relaxer, staying natural seemed like the best option for me. I believe it gives me versatility. If I want to wear it curly I can, if I want to blow it out I can..the possibilities are endless! IMG_1285 Did you BC or transition? I didn’t BC or transition, but it did take time for me to feel comfortable with my hair. I would always wear it in a bun because I thought it was too wild and poofy.  I had to get used to experimenting with my hair and seeing what my hair could do. IMG_9320 If you transitioned, how long before you BC’d? I didn’t BC or transition, but I have cut my hair plenty of times over the years (I am a little scissor happy). The last time I cut my hair was about 3 years ago.   How long have you been natural for? I have been natural for 33 years. IMG_1152 Tell me about your hair now; hair type, hair properties, hair likes or dislikes? If I go by the hair typing system I consider myself a 4b/c. My hair strands are medium density but my hair has the tendency to look bigger because I live in a humid state and it seems to change with the humidity. Back in October I got my hair colored a cooper bronze which I’m letting grow out. IMG_5542 What’s your hair regimen like? I wash my hair every two to three weeks, and I will wear two strand twist most of the time. I moisturize my hair maybe twice a week now. I try to wrap my hair with a satin scarf or bonnet before bedtime. IMG_3496 Holy-Grail products? Share!  My favorite shampoo is Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter Shampoo. Favorite conditioner is Infusium 23 Moisture Replenisher conditioner. Aubrey Organics GPB is my favorite deep conditioner. My favorite styling/moisturizing products are from the Qhemet Biologics line. I really like the Alma and Olive Heavy Cream and the Aethiopika Hair Butter. IMG_2580 How often do you wear your hair out? I usually wear my hair out when a wash day is coming soon. It seems like my hair looks better the older it gets. But I don’t wear it out all the time.   Have you been tempted to pick that relaxer at any point? There have been times when I wanted to get a relaxer, especially when I starting making my own money and could pay for it, but I always decided not to do it. If I went this long without one, I can keep on going without one. IMG_1898 Have you received negative comments about your hair? For the most part everyone has been positive about my decision to stay natural. I’ve had some negative comments over the years but the good comments outweigh the negative ones.   Any tips or tricks you want to share? We’re willing to learn! Keeping your hair trimmed is very important. Also finding good products for your hair does wonders for your hair journey. IMG_0290 Don’t go! How can we still keep in touch? Instagram: sdw8029   Another bea-uti-ful hair, natural all her life! I just love the colour, don’t you? If you’d like to be featured on TLB (The Life of Bey) under the Hair Inspiration Category, do send an email of interest to lifeofbey@yahoo.com and I’d reply with the questions as soon as I receive your email. Also, for inquires and suggestions, do send an email to lifeofbey@yahoo.com and the answers will be posted on the blog. Bey.

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