NH Feature: The Kink and I.

Hey Hey! I apologize for being MIA during this past week, been busy but here I am.

Today on Natural Hair Inspiration we’re featuring AB who owns thekinkandi.wordpress.com, enjoy.


Tell me about yourself.

Hello Bey! I’m just a lippie-loving optimist & rookie lawyer trying to get her life. 🙂


Describe your hair before going natural.

My hair was healthy- by this I mean thick (high density) with edges intact, no split ends, & no scalp issues. I’d been growing it for about 4 years and it was around shoulder length. I didn’t really know I could expect it to go longer.


Why did you go natural?

I went natural for a few reasons, but the greatest two:

-in my quest for healthier relaxed hair, I discovered the natural community & I became aware for the first time that it was possible to wear my kinks 1001 different ways!

-the more I studied it, the more I wanted it. Natural hair appealed to my spirit. I felt like it would be more like me (and I wasn’t wrong!)


Did you BC or transition?

I transitioned and then big chopped.


If you transitioned, how long before you BC’D?

8 long months!


How long have you been natural for?

It has been 1 year and 11 months since my big chop, but I’ve been relaxer free since October 2011.

happy, frizzy hair

Tell me about your hair now

I have tightly coiled 4C hair. It’s highly dense (as in, very full) but my individual strands are mostly quite thin. My hair isn’t too picky. It tends to LOVE products with humectants because of its naturally dry disposition. It LOVES JBCO, and spa days with Mudwashes. I don’t think my hair is a big fan of protein, and my hair really doesn’t like combs!


What’s your hair regimen like?

I don’t go four weeks without shampooing. I co-wash 2-3 times a week when my hair is out and loose, and I don’t joke with my weekly deep conditioning! I moisturise my hair with a leave-in after every wash, and spritz to refresh as needed, between washes. When my hair is out, I always chunky twist it before bed.


Holy-Grail products? Share!

Jamaican Black Castor Oil- I love this oil & I use it for everything- to aid detangling, to seal my ends, to protect my edges, in my deep conditioning treatments and to keep my scalp healthy. It is a humectant, and from my experience & many many other people’s, it can encourage hair growth. It could also help your hair get darker and softer.

DIY Bentonite Clay Wash (I make this with bentonite clay, honey, Aloe vera juice & oils)- this is a super super moisturising way to wash your hair. It also makes detangling a breeze. Favourite thing about it is how my curls POP afterwards. They love it!

fro fro!!

How often do you wear your hair out?

I used to wear my hair out almost all the time, but my focus right now is on length retention so since the year started, I’ve worn my hair half or one third of the time.


Have you been tempted to pick that relaxer at any point?

Once. It wasn’t really temptation, but the thought just crossed my mind. A month before graduation, I had a horrible encounter with a barber. So bad I had to cover my hair up for 4 months for it to grow, so I could have a second “big chop” or what I call my re-chop later. (My hair was all chopped up, especially at the back). I was getting a weave done, so I considered just relaxing it so I could have my leave out in peace. I ended up doing invisible parting (never again!)


Have you received negative comments about your hair?

Not really. I can be really scary looking so people don’t usually mind my business for me lol just kidding. 3 weeks ago, I started work in a new department, and one of my superiors asked me “why is your hair like THAT?” I just gave him a good long look because I was really confused. Why is my hair like that- as in, unrelaxed? Or like that as in, you don’t like the style? (And he stopped there.)


Any tips or tricks you want to share? We’re willing to learn!

Coconut oyel to relieve itchy scalp! It helps! 🙂

They say don’t comb natural hair dry- but I’ve found that my hair prefers to be combed when it is in a dry (as in, not wet) well moisturised state. It’s dry outside, but not on the inside. So I prefer to moisturise & twist at night. In the morning, fro is much much easier to work with.

3 strand twist out


Don’t go! How can we still keep in touch?

Website – I talk hair at www.thekinkandi.wordpress.com.

Facebook – I’m also on facebook as The Kink and I facebook.com/thekinkandi

Instagram – thekinkandi

Twitter – Tweet me: @kene_co


Love love love AB’s blog, you should check it out; she’s funny and I love her fro’ too!

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Also, for inquires and suggestions, do send an email to lifeofbey@yahoo.com and the answers will be posted on the blog.


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