Tea Rinse/Rinsing.

Hey Hey! I believe it’s no news that everyday a new thing comes up in the Natural Hair Community. Basically 70% of the things we eat can be applied to our natural hair. I don’t mean the already finished food but the ingredients can be applied, take for instance, thyme used in making jollof rice and the likes can be applied on to the hair to ease oily scalp and dandruff.

Today I’m introducing or re-introducing tea rinsing to the table. I’ve heard about tea rinsing and it’s benefits so I decided to do a post on it, just a summary of what I know, not an expert suggestion as we’re all learning everyday.

Tea rinsing as the name suggests refers to the application of tea (without milk and sugar please, lol) to the hair after shampooing or after deep conditioning. The process is still the same way you’d make your regular tea just this time without sugar and the likes. Tea rinse helps to add strength, shine and fosters hair growth.


Teas that can be used are:

  • Black tea e.g Lipton yellow label black tea.
  • Green tea e.g Lipton green tea.

  • Nettle tea.

  • Rosemary tea.

  • Chamomile tea.

  • Sage tea.



  • Reduces hair breakage or excessive shedding.
  • Can be used to dye the hair over time e.g. black tea.

  • Stimulates growth.

  • Cleanses the hair.

  • Softens hair.

  • Treats dandruff and oily scalp.


    How to

    Tea rinsing is very simple however there are different processes, just find one that works for you and stick to it.

    • Boil water
  • Add your favourite tea as you would when making tea to drink.

  • Let it cool for some minutes, you don’t want to burn your scalp.

  • Pour it over your hair.


    To tea rinse, you can do either of the following:

    • After shampooing, tea rinse, then deep condition.
  • After shampooing and deep conditioning, tea rinse (you can either rinse with water after tea rinsing or leave it).

  • You can also pour the tea into a spray bottle and spray all over your hair, whichever way you prefer it. It can be used as a leave in as well.


    I’m going to try tea rinsing, it seems easy and it’s something I can simply add to my already “simple” regimen on a monthly basis or once every two weeks. I’d be using the Lipton Black Tea, (if I can’t drink it my hair can have it) and I’d post results nextweek. I’d also use it as a leave in since my current leave in has finished and I’m yet to get a new one.

    Have a great weekend and Happy new month!


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