What To Do With Your TWA.

When I decided to go natural and pay more attention to the health of my hair, I didn’t know what else to do to my hair asides washing it and adding gel all over it. The internet helped but not as expected. Most of the nice hairstyles were for naturals with long hair, no place for us with TWA’s. With that in mind, I’ve decided to put up this post so my fellow naturalistas with TWA’s can have options too and stop crying for long hair overnight.

If you’re in the TWA stage, that is your hair length is between an inch – 5″, and you’re thinking of how to jump the ladder, I show you how to enjoy this stage you’re in and be versatile about it. I’d do the worries for you, yes I’m that nice, lol.

What To Do With Your TWA.

  • Dye – dyeing your natural hair takes you from boring to WOW overnight. You can use natural dyes such as henna (what we call la-li here in Nigeria) which also acts as a protein treatment but you’d have to follow up with a moisturizing conditioner so the hair isn’t dry and brittle or chemical dyes to jazz up your otherwise black hair.



  • Twists– two strand twists, flat twists, finger coils or three strand twists, whichever you have time for are great for stretching out the hair, altering the curl pattern (in a good way) and changing your entire look, You can either unravel the twists or leave them looking like locs. I personally love to twist my hair since my hair mattes and breaks easily. Twisting highly dense twa can be stressful but worth it in the end. You can also use extensions for a longer length.

Ifraj Suad Natural Hair Designs





twa twist out

  • Wigs – too tired to twist or dye your hair? Buy a wig and change your look completely without having to pull your natural hair.

How-to-Make-a-Lace-Front-Wig african-american-font-b-wigs-b-font-font-b-wigs-b-font-for-women-cheap-font

Threading (African threading) – using wool or rubber threads, you can thread your hair, as this serves as a low manipulation style and a protective style at the same time stretching your hair. Great combo. Although, people wouldn’t like threading their hair since it would make them look like a child, I’d advice threading your hair then wearing a wig over it if you’re not comfortable with it.






Palm rolls – you can create texture by moisturizing your hair, adding gel, then using the palm of your hand, in circular motion, to create texture. YouTube videos show a more vivid explanation, just search for “texturizing twa”

– Braids – if your hair is about 3″ or more, you can braid it in form of cornrows (what we call all-back in Nigeria or didi; which I’ve heard increases the density of the hair). Also, you can braid each section with or without extensions e.g. box braids. Crotchet braids too can be done.

braids5beyonce-rocks-box-braids-0204-3braids2.162203842122_Slick_Braids_642x6001 cornrows2

I hope I’ve been able to help and give you options as well. The comment box is open for suggestions I must have missed.

Enjoy your TWA, you’d only be in this stage once in your hair journey so make it count!



6 thoughts on “What To Do With Your TWA.

  1. Threading the hair got me laughing…. But I swear I really feel like threading, I remember How soft it made my hair back then ad a child. But could be so painful the first two daus


    1. Haha! I just said to myself some minutes ago that I need to thread my hair. I should get it done over the weekened hopefully.
      Tight ke? No more of that, I’d let the lady know I need it to be loose but firm to last about a month or three weeks. I’m tired of twisting.
      Are you going to try it?


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