Wool Dreads/Locs.

Since I discovered I could braid my hair (I could do all-back i.e. cornrows), I decided to thread my hair with wool. Before I did this protective style, I did a moisturizing deep conditioning treatment which is in this post so my hair could be prepped for the tugging and wahala of threading.

The wool dreads/locs/thread looks good. I sat for six (6) hours. Yes, six hours, so if you’re thinking about doing this and your hair is fuller, just go there early, eat well and ensure your phone is fully charged, lol.


When I was done.
When I was done.

Daily regimen

My daily regimen for this protective style is pretty simple, I mixed my coconut oil, olive oil and water together and I spritz my hair with that twice, thrice or four times daily, just when my hair feels thirsty because my hair is a bit highly porous.

Also, I seal in the moisture once a day with the whipped shea butter I made in this post.

Simple and easy regimen, nothing out of the ordinary. I plan on buying methylated spirit to cleanse my scalp so my scalp can breathe properly. I don’t know if I can properly cleanse my scalp with shampoo or my clarifying conditioner so I might stick with the methylated spirit.

Coconut oil, olive oil and water mix in my spray bottle.
Coconut oil, olive oil and water mix in my spray bottle.



Threading can make your head hurt, I had headache till the next morning. Ensure you let the person threading your hair know that he/she should not make it too tight so you don’t lose all your hair. I told the hairdresser not to make my sides and edges as tight as the rest and she did that. The hair hurt me for about two days but now it’s good. Not hurt like hurt hurt oh, lol, it just hurt a little like when you make your hair normally.


Team healthy looking scalp.
Team healthy looking scalp.

What I love about this style

I love the fact that I can easily participate in the #31DaysofKinkz without combing my hair and all sorts. Don’t know about #31DaysofKinkz? Search for it on Instagram. It has to do with styling your hair in different ways for the 31 days in May, you can start now, it is fun and easy, just show off your creative side!

Due to popular remarks, threading enables the hair to grow longer so I’m hoping my hair reaches 4” since it’s currently 2.2”, yes I’m measuring. (x_x).

I plan on taking this hair till the 6th of June, that’s four weeks (since 9th is a Monday, I won’t be able to take it for those two extra days, overnight deep conditioning will take place instead and I’d have classes on Mondays so no time), because I made it on the 9th of May.


Nigga was tired here.
Nigga was tired here.


What protective style are you on now? Do you have anything you think I should add to my daily regimen? Let’s talk. Leave a comment.

Jesus loves you and He is coming back soon, how prepared are you?



28 thoughts on “Wool Dreads/Locs.

  1. Nice post. I mostly do a lot of single braids. I also take biotin and I think it helps make your hair fuller which I need since the hair braiders always pull too tight. I think they’re all trying to pull out my edges!


    1. Thanks hun.
      Lol hairdressers can be quite mean especially when they use that rat tail comb through your hair.
      I’m thinking of trying a hair supplement as well but I don’t do well with drugs of any kind.


  2. Really Nice. I’m considering this too . I think I’m getting bored with wigs. I’m however scared of all the tugging by the hair dressers. I hope you’ll give an update of your hair length after you took out the locs, though.


    1. Thanks hun. Just let the hairdresser know you don’t want her to remove your hair from its roots lol.
      I’m lagging behind on that post, my laptop has temporary issues but I’d do an update soon.
      Yes I gained some length, an inch in some places and half an inch in others.


  3. It looks awesome! My aunt had it done similar like but she says it hurts a lot aswell
    Thats a cool hashtag aswell thanks for sharing it!! xx


    1. This post keeps getting highest views weekly, I think a lot of people want to do it too.
      Don’t forget, the style should be taut not tight.
      Hope it turns out great!


  4. Pls pls pls! I just came across your blog. Where can I get coconut oil? And has ur hair gotten any longer? Can I also try castor oil?


    1. Hello!
      My hair is over a year so yes it has gotten longer lol.
      You can get Trader Joe’s coconut oil from olori.com.ng
      You can get either pure castor oil or Jamaican black castor oil from olori.com.ng or sizzelle.com


  5. Hmm I love this. I’m tempted to go on natural hair but hmmm I don’t think I have the time or energy. I think it’s safer to admire from afar…..For now (yes I’m running like a chicken).


  6. The hair is really cool! Am planning on making th same. BUT, my hair isn’t natural, am hoping that won’t mean I can’t (pls say No), and also what is the name of the thread you used and how many….thanks!


    1. It doesn’t matter, you can do it too. I think I used almost a pack of babby wool but you can use Brazillian wool, it’s a lot softer and thank you.


  7. Hi ladies, my name is Omolabake from Agbara Lagos….. Kindly contact me for your crochet braids, wool dread, scissors braids, wool crochet, zip braids and so on……. Home service available and we promise to make you look good at all time. Contact me on 07033478605, 08051376165 or bbm- 58e07034….. Looking forward. Thanks


  8. This hair ehn. .. nor be small admiration I dey do am oo.
    last time I did wool January 2016, the threaded the beginning before twisting the rest of the hair.. I had headache for a week. Carried the hair for more than a month gaan. I can nor conman gaan die.

    Before I do this, I would have to dream sleep and wake up, dream sleep again and wake….


    1. Lol I can so relate!
      I did this again sometime last year and I couldn’t move my head for days.
      I will do it this year again but I go just beg the woman make she do am small small, it’s not easy lol.


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