Banana – Honey Deep Conditioner.

Hey dolls!

I’m SORRY for being MIA these past months. I really hope you all forgive me. I’ve had a lot going on and I’d try to make up for the past months.

On a lighter note, I’m done with university! (YAAAAAAAAYYYYY!) Haha! So that means more blogging, I promise (till I leave for NYSC).

I’d just pick up from where I stopped, I also want to use this medium to thank you all for still checking the blog, patiently waiting for me to post something, God bless you all, I really appreciate, and yes I check my stats, haha!

This post will focus on how I took out my wool dreads/locs, my DIY banana – honey deep conditioner (nnneeevvveerrr doing this again!) and a quick length check.

So sit back, grab your favorite drink and get ready to laugh or cry with me!



– Cut the locs to a length far from your hair length but close enough to loosen quickly.

– If you have a conditioner you can spare (prefarably a cheap conditioner), apply generously to your hair from roots to the end of your hair length but my conditioner wasn’t available as at the time so I skipped this step.

– Since the locs are wrapped, unraveled each inversely. Do this till all the locs are out.

– Brush the hair to remove shed hair.

– Apply shampoo and condition the hair.

– Deep condition the hair, moisturize and you’re done.



Now for my Banana – Honey Deep Conditioner.

– Peel each banana and place in a bowl. I used four/five bananas, the small ones.

– Mash the banana.

– Add other ingredients.

– Mix properly.

– Apply to hair, wait for some minutes then rinse off.

L-R Honey, VO5 conditioner, Vitale olive oil hair mayonnaise, Bananas, EVOO and coconut oil.

PhotoGrid_1408992258631 PhotoGrid_1408992296062


I was supposed to keep this mix on my hair for an hour but 20 minutes down the line I decided to just wash my hair, I felt tired.

As I was washing, the worst happened. The banana was stuck to my hair. I mean STUCK. I used my Alberto VO5 conditioner to wash, twice, it didn’t budge. I couldn’t cry. I kept saying hay God! This one inch I’ve managed to add will now go down the drain? The devil is a liar! amidst tears. I couldn’t cry honestly. The tears weren’t dropping, lol. It’s not funny man.

I then sat on my bed, picked my mirror, looked at my hair and started picking out the banana, literally, one after the other. I used a rat tail comb for added help. After about an hour and half of removing the banana from my hair, I added coconut oil, whipped shea butter and did conrows, off to bed.

In the morning, my hair was quite stretched, I didn’t lose much hair from the horrible banana – honey deep conditioning mix but particles of the banana still stuck to my hair.

It was after I had experimented on my hair I read a post on African Naturalistas that Igbo banana should be used on the hair and not Yoruba banana but how are we supposed to know that? Ain’t nobody got time for that. Oh well, once bitten…

The next morning after the horrible DC.

Hair before locs.


Hair after Locs; fluffed my ‘fro two days later.

On a brighter note:

Hair before Locs – 2″ at the mid section, 1.5″ at the edges.

Hair after Locs – 3″ at mid section, 2.5″ at the edges.

I’d say that’s big progress. I wouldn’t entirely say the locs encouraged my hair growth but they helped, also with my TLC.


Have you ever used banana in your DC mix? Were your results like mine or even worse? Leave a comment, let’s talk!


18 thoughts on “Banana – Honey Deep Conditioner.

  1. When doing banana deep conditioner , the trick is to blend and seive the banana using a fine sieve that way the particles don’t remain in the hair. It’s a moisturising condish but you have to do it well to reap the benefits.


  2. Hello, good post, just last night I did banana and avocado condish and it was perfect. The banana has to be very ripe (I used two) on a flat plate (eba plate, lol) use fork to mash it first before adding other stuffs. I see you mashed the banana in a bowl using a spoon, I believe that was why you struggled. I even added one egg, yes! Whole egg. Be warned not to wash off the DIY condish with harm water. Just wash off using cold water. Let me know the outcome. Cheers


    1. Hey hun, thank you.
      LOL at eba plate.
      I guess you used the Igbo banana.
      Oh well, if I ever try it again, I’d use a blender just to be safe.
      Thanks for the advice dear!


  3. Comic relief – somebody had bananas stuck to their hair overnight. hehehehehe. I just finished dc my hair with EVOO and honey. Off to bed now – will wash it off in the morning and do a quick “wash and go” for work.


  4. I didnt have any dripping. Your post forewarned me so I was careful with the oil/honey and tied the paper bag extremely tight (2 paper bags for extra safety), then followed by another huge scarf to keep them all in place. It was good and stayed in place all night. Did a quick (well 20 minutes) wash and go after washing the dc out with cold water (as advised) and was out of the door in a jiffy.


      1. I must admit I turned my nose up at the thougth of putting bananas in my hair but I have now repented.

        My hair had a full english breakfast (sans bacon) over the weekend. Eggs, Banana, Avocado, Coconut milk, honey, extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) whizzed together (in a blender) into a smoothie and allowed to soak/seep overnight. I tell you it was good. Extremely refreshing! (smile) Washed off with cold water and sealed with some more evoo.

        Who would have thought I would join the train? I suppose what they say is true – “Never say never”. LOL!

        Calabar Gal


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