Box Braids Takedown + Wash Routine.

Hi dolls! It’s another day, glory be to God for sparing our lives.

Today I’d be showing you all how I took down my box braids and my new wash routine, nothing has changed significantly I just wash my hair in sections now since my hair is of medium – high density now (whoop whoop the mane is growing!).

The steps are exactly the same as my wool locs takedown as seen in this post so please click on the link as I wouldn’t state them here again.








DIY – I made hair elastic bands out of socks, I never wear socks anyways so I cut it into smaller pieces instead of buying hair claws and the likes. It’s really inexpensive and easy. Just make sure you use old socks, lol.


Wash Routine

Before, I used to wash my hair all together, the way we used to in our relaxed days since my hair was a lot shorter then but now with the length I’ve gained and with how “full” my hair is now, washing all together leads to loads of SSKs and unnecessary tangles so I’ve decided to wash my hair in sections.

  • To do that, I sectioned my hair into small manageable parts and secured with an elastic. (You can twist your hair if you can but my hair will just unravel so I stuck to using the elastic to hold and stretch my hair.)



  • I then cleansed my hair with Dudu Osun Black Soap (review coming soon), if you have a shampoo that is cleansing, that will work fine too.


  • Still working in sections, I focused the soap mainly on my roots and I used my fingers to clean my hair properly, not my fingernails!
  • I then conditioned my hair with the Alberto VO5 Split Ends Conditioner and let that sit in my hair for an hour before rinsing it out.
  • After conditioning, I mixed my Vitale Olive Oil Hair Mayonnaise with Honey and Coconut Oil and applied to my hair still working in sections, I let it sit for an hour as well then rinsed.



We’re done with my wash routine! Pretty simple except it’s time consuming working in sections.

I moisturized my hair, section by section first with Coconut Oil, Africa’s Best Detangling Moisturizing Hair Lotion (this detangler has good slip, a peanut size is enough for each section) and Raw Shea Butter.

Next, I tried flat twists because the next day was my friend Tanny’s birthday and I wanted to show off my ‘fro, even if it didn’t turn out so great, I made up my mind to just fluff it.



My flat twists out results will be posted tomorrow. 

Have a great day!



6 thoughts on “Box Braids Takedown + Wash Routine.

    1. Hey hun!
      I mixed water, coconut oil and olive oil in a spray bottle and spritzed that all over my hair and sealed with whipped shea butter. I had my lazy days though lol.
      I washed my hair in the second week of installation.
      That’s pretty much it.


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