Flat Twists Out (Results).

A beautiful and good morning to everyone!

This is a follow up post for my flat twists out.

Unfortunately, my battery died so I couldn’t take proper pictures of my hair, please make do with what I have.


How To

Flat twists could be quite technical but they’re very easy. It involves twisting the hair in almost the same way you cornrow (all back).

Here are the videos that really helped me and I hope it helps you guys too!







With Birthday Girl.









I LOVED my results. I love flat twists (after two strand twists of course). It stretches my hair, it is easy to fluff and it gives good definition. Next time I’d try this with gel for extra hold and definition.


What’s your favorite go-to style? Two strand twists? Three strand twists? Flat twists? Cornrows? Braids? Do leave a comment!

Have a great day dolls!


8 thoughts on “Flat Twists Out (Results).

    1. Thanks hun.
      Oh, I stated in the earlier post that I saturated my hair with water, applied coconut oil, detangler and raw unrefined shea butter (I decided not to use gel but you can add gel if you’d like) before flat twisting.
      I kept it for 9 hours, I unraveled it the following morning.
      Before unraveling, I applied coconut oil to my palms to make it easier. I didn’t spray water or anything else because I didn’t want my hair to revert to its natural curl pattern.
      Hope this helps.


  1. Love your flat twist out and your outfit! My favourite go-to style is either a puff or a twist out fluffed into a curly/semi-curly fro


      1. I cut off a strip from one of my old tops; those strip things u’re supposed to tie into a bow. That’s what I use. I also use small scarves and those regular bands they sell that come in different colours


  2. Hey!, just found your blog and its really nice. I’m transitioning and I’m three months in now. Are you based in nigeria ?


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