Additions To The Stash Family.

Hey Hey!

This is just an update on the new products I’ve added to my stash.

This is NOT a product review.




From L – R:

Gentelle Hair Fruits Conditioner – I’m using this as a detangling conditioner and it’s really cheap, got this for 250n at the beauty store close to my house. I believe detangling conditioners should be very affordable if not cheap but with good ingredients as well so you get the worth of your money, I’m not against using expensive products but when you get to use detangling conditioners almost every week when your hair is out then you’d opt for the cheaper route.

Bragg Organic Apple Cider Vinegar With The ‘Mother’ – I got this from Olori for 1700n, I went to the store itself to pick it up because I wanted to get other products and I was going towards that side. I’d advise you buy your products and get them delivered to you, it’s much convenient that way, but if you drive or if you’re just the curious type (like me) and you want to waste t-fare, then you can go all the way to their store at Ojuelegba in Lagos State. I got this to do an ACV rinse (next post) but then I read on ACV and it can be used for a million and one things, no kidding. It can be used as a toner, for weight loss etc asides the benefits it gives hair. ACV and Aloe Vera Juice are on the same level so I opted for this.

Sunny Isle Jamaican Black Castor Oil (Rosemary) – The long awaited JBCO! Hallelujah! Lol, finally! I got the 8 oz. bottle for 3500n also at Olori the same day I got the ACV. There are however three types of JBCO; Sunny Isle, Tropic Isle and JBCO with mango and lime so I did a rule of thumb and went with this. I’ve added this to my shea butter mix and I must say it’s super softening! I also mixed 10 tablespoons of JBCO with 2 tablespoons of Coconut Oil just to reduce the stickiness of the JBCO and kept in a little container. I bought this solely to thicken my hair, on the flip side it is very moisturizing and it is infused with Rosemary Oil so it’s a win-win for me! /(^__^)/. I’m currently on a one month JBCO challenge for my edges (mainly) and other parts of my hair with shorter length.

Tropical Naturals Dudu Osun Black Soap – I finally got to try the black soap. I got this for 120n at the beauty store close to me. I’m using this as a cleansing shampoo, since it’s in a bar, you can cut half of it and save the other half, although I didn’t do this since I cleanse only once a month when I take down a protective style, other times I’m on the CG method. It’s enriched with all these goodies however I think the concentration of sulphate in this is quite high but then again it is needed for cleansing purposes.

Pure Henna Powder – Henna yeah, Henna whoosh, Henna yay! Lol! I got this from Olori as well at 500n for 100g, very reasonable because unless your hair is highly dense and over 6/7″, 100g is enough. I got this only for strengthening and coloring purposes. I’m still postponing when I’d “henna” my hair though (get this laziness away from me 😦)


Need I say, the staff at Olori are very nice and accommodating. I’m big on customer relationship and this has made them my one stop shop/store for my hair products (because proximity).


Next on the List

Jojoba oil.

Grapeseed oil.

Sweet almond oil.

Kinky Curly Knot Today.

Shea Moisture Thickening Milk.

Hibiscus/Indigo powder.

TRESemme Naturals Conditioner.

Vegetable glycerine.

Blow drier.

Marley hair.

and so on…


Do leave a comment, let’s talk.


14 thoughts on “Additions To The Stash Family.

  1. Gentelle is a no no for me, too runny and the ingredients list is crappy. I used it during the first two months after my bc. It dried my hair out like crazy. I have found affordable alternatives like vo5 conditiohers at alhaja stores, university road and beauty formulars olive conditioner at shoprite surulere.


    1. Really?
      Sorry hun.
      It works well for detangling, not too runny in my case. I still use my Alberto VO5 but for detangling, it will finish.
      Does Alhaja sell natural hair products?


  2. My sister bought Gentelle and I used it once but never used it again cos of the ingredients. It has mineral oil which I believe worsens my dandruff. I recently started using Dudu Osun and it’s great. There are no sulphates in it unless if they didn’t write the truth on their ingredient list. It’s all natural. I melted mine in a bowl and mixed it with olive oil. Olori is super reliable, I give them that!


    1. Gentelle has mineral oil?
      I compared the ingredients with that of Alberto VO5 and they were quite similar. I however use this just to detangle then follow up with VO5. It’s okay for detangling purposes then,
      Dudu Osun is very foamy so I just feel there’s a little sulphate in it, maybe I’m wrong though.
      Olori – Yes they are! Great service.


  3. Been reading up on your blog and I must say you’re doing a great job. Kudos, dearie. I use Gentelle conditioner for my henna mix and a one-hour conditioning period after to get the henna out of my hair more easily and completely.
    I did my second henna treatment yesterday. My first was last week and my bestfriend already notices reddish tints in my hair, yay. I’m actually excited about that. Deciding to henna my hair for more strength, thickness, conditioning and the natural colour and I must say, my coils pop big time after I wash the henna out. So, I’m glad I made the decision.
    The reason I wanted to comment is about getting henna in Nigeria at a ridiculously cheap price. After finding out henna is our own local laali, I went hunting for Hausa folks. I stay in Ibadan at the moment. I finally located a small Hausa settlement on the way to Iwo road via Ojoo called Sabadi where I met Hausa women that sold me the dried and sieved henna leaves. Lol, the sieving was even done in my presence. I got 4 tied portions (it was all she had) for #120 at #30 each. Ridiculous, right? I use 2 of the tied portions for my hair which is nearly to my collar bone at each treatment. I’m too excited. Needless to say, I’ll be there next week to get more henna powder and tell my girlfriends about this.
    Just thought to share 🙂


    1. LOL! Hey Esther!
      Thanks so much darling, God bless you.
      Gentelle conditioner is cheap but very okay, I use it for detangling only though, good to know it’s great with henna.
      Haaayyyy! I want! 😥
      Cheap but effective henna, none better and it’s straight from the source so it’s very powerful.
      All the best darl, let me know when you’d deliver mine oh, haha!


      1. Lol. Forward your address to me ASAP 😉 Yeah, Gentelle is quite cheap. I get it for #290 at a store close to me. Finished a bottle for my 2 henna treatments. Henna can be quite adamant during the rinsing out session, so I use the conditioner very lavishly. I make my own leave-in. And, yay, it’s my birthday next week. Hennaing this weekend and trying out straw coils. Wish me luck 🙂


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