Braid Out (Results).

Hey dolls!

Thank God for August, I really thank God this month has come to an end because September is the month of my birth! YAASSS SOMEBODY! Let’s countdown! (^__^)

Anyways, I tried braids on my hair just to see the definition I’d get, P.S. this isn’t my first attempt at braid outs, I just never get good definition when I try them, there’s probably something I’m doing wrong, lol.

I’d, as usual, link very helpful videos I used.

How these YouTubers claim to have the same hair type as you and you do everything they do but their hair turns out waaaaay better than yours, hmm side eye  (-___-).



The sun gave my hair some good highlights, haha!
The sun gave my hair some good highlights, haha!
Does my hair look unkempt or is it just me?
Shrinkage on the left side of my hair.


NOTE – I tried this on old twist outs so it would be easy to fluff, I didn’t add anything, no water, no oil, nothing, so maybe that’s why my results weren’t so fab. You can add your favorite gel or shea butter mix for added definition. I initially did them not for any style whatsoever but just to stretch my hair so I wasn’t totally disappointed. Braid outs are hard to fluff in my case, the more I fluff the more frizz I get. Tiring.

Also, my hair isn’t completely black, it’s brownish black or darkish brown or blackish brown, lol if that makes any sense.


I’d try these next time, (I wish) with gel or my shea butter mix.

Bye August! May all our worries end with August in Jesus’ name!


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