For The Love of My ‘Fro.

Happy New Month Darlings!  /(^__^)/

I pray in this month, doors of goodness and prosperity will open for us in Jesus’ name. When we open one door, seven doors will open in our favour in Jesus’ name. It’s my birthday 12 days from now! Haha so much adrenaline this morning! Countdown baybee!

So this post is just to show off my fluffed ‘fro. My hair is currently six (6) months old. My nappyversary could be controversial. I did the BC January 2nd, 2014 but I relaxed my hair after chopping it, then the relaxed ends fell off as my hair was growing say around February 20th, 2014, then February 25th was when I decided to take good care of my hair and go natural. So my nappyversary is officially February 25th!


My hair currently has the following properties:

  • Medium – high density.
  • Twa.
  • 4a type hair with 50% shrinkage.
  • Normal porosity.

  • Coarse hair (individual strands) majorly with fine hair at my edges and nape.

  • Stays moisturized for two – three days if I’m of good behaviour.

  • Soft but not where I wish it could be but it’s getting there.


Hair Goals – in order of preference:

– Grow my edges and nape hair wildly! (I don’t have edges, my brain is showing according to TheKinkandI lol! 😦 )

  • Softer hair.
  • Highly dense hair.
  • Reach 6″ inches at least!

  • Less tangles, knots and all that frustration.

  • Shinier hair.



    p style=”text-align:center;”>Now for my hair at six months!






    I don’t like smiling. 😦




    I was very happy lastweek when this lady touched my hair and went “ooh it’s so sooffttt“, it meant so much to me because I know how I started with crunchy, dry, spongy, hard-to-feel hair. Thank goodness all that TLC is paying off. This is just to tell us that with adequate consistency, perfect results can be achieved so keep taking care of your mane, someday your efforts will pay off boo. Hallelujah somebody!

    By the way, I’m more current on Instagram – Thelifeofbey as I post pictures on there before posting on here, so follow me and I’d definitely follow back.

    I’m also on Snapchat – Thelifeofbey and Twitter – Thelifeofbey.

    You can also ask questions (hair related or not) and send them to my email – and I’d reply as soon as I can.

    Have a blessed week ahead. Go and conquer!


    2 thoughts on “For The Love of My ‘Fro.

    1. Pls wat did u do 2 ur hair to make it soft. Am @dat twa stage n my hair so dry dat I wear a wig most tyms. Wat did u do. Tanks in anticipation.


      1. Your hair can’t just be soft, it takes time, good hair products and good behaviour lol.
        I use whipped shea butter (shea butter + detangling lotion + Jamaican black castor oil + Extra virgin olive oil + coconut oil and little conditioner) as a moisturizer and sealant and that helps keep my hair moisturized for days.
        I also use elasta qp leave in conditioner which silkens my hair.
        Hope this helps hun.


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