Apple Cider Vinegar On Natural Hair.

A very good afternoon to you all!

Saturday was wash day so I decided to try the ACV on my hair.

Also, I’d link two videos that helped out.


I use the CG method in washing my hair, meaning I don’t use shampoos except when necessary.


Steps for the CG method

  • Separate hair into manageable sections, I separated mine into about 9 sections because, short hair.
  • Take about a dollop size of detangling conditioner (I used Gentelle Hair Fruits Conditioner) and apply to each section; it’s better to work with one section at a time.
  • Spritz water onto hair generously.
  • Finger detangle or use a wide tooth comb or denman brush (weavon brush) to remove knots, tangles and shed hair; I finger detangled.

  • Rinse.

  • Deep condition; I mixed my Vitale Olive Oil Hair Mayonnaise which has moderate amount of protein by the way so it isn’t a heavy conditioner, with honey and coconut oil.

  • Rinse and you’re all done.


Well moisturized hair, before washing and etc.
It’s water that is in the spray bottle in Picture 3 + see my cute curls. (^_^)
Finger detangling with detangling conditioner in hair.
Deep conditioning.
Clean scalp, clean hair. Winning!


What you need to know about Apple Cider Vinegar (Benefits)

  • It has a pH level of 5 which is acidic and great for sealing hair cuticles.
  • Helps remove product build up.
  • Promotes shinier hair.

  • Promotes softer hair.

  • Great for weight loss.

  • Acts as a skin toner.

  • Restores balance to the pH level of the hair.

  • Restores balance to the pH level of the scalp.

  • Helps with diabetes.

  • Helps with acne.

  • Helps with sore-throat.

  • and so on and so forth. To read more on ACV, click on this.

    N.B – I’m using ACV to seal my cuticles, restore the pH level of my scalp & hair and also for softer hair. Also, I’m using the ACV with the ‘mother’. It’s best to buy an ACV that has the mother in it, that way it is unfiltered, unpasteurized and you’d get the worth of your money. ACV also has this strong, dominating, quite horrendous and almost nauseating smell so be warned.



    ACV Rinse.

    • Separate hair into manageable sections.
  • Dilute the ACV with water; I mixed 2 oz of ACV in 6 oz of water, just enough for my hair but you can do more if you’d like.
  • Incase you didn’t know…

    2 tablespoons = 1 oz

    4 tablespoons = 2 oz

    6 tablespoons = 3 oz

    and so on.

    • I kept this solution in a spray bottle and not an applicator bottle because it will drip.
  • Spray the solution on to the hair from root to tip and also on the scalp.
  • Rub the scalp with finger pads to ensure better penetration.

  • Finger detangle as you smooth the ACV solution onto the hair strands.

  • Put on a plastic cap, shower cap, cling film, nylon and let it sit for 5 – 10 minutes.

  • Rinse and you’re all done.


    My own 8 oz was smaller than everyone’s. -__-



    My hair was softer, no lie. I couldn’t tell if there was a shine to it because I did this at night, my wash day is always the whole day :(. My hair was easy to detangle as I was prepping for a twist out.

    Next time however, I’d use this as a pre-poo treatment and also after washing my hair. I want to try using it as a toner as well.

    A quick length check. My hair is now in between my brows! Whoop!


    Have you tried using ACV in your hair regimen? Let’s talk.


    11 thoughts on “Apple Cider Vinegar On Natural Hair.

    1. Loving that grocery bag on head! I do that all the time haha. I don’t CG Method but I have chosen to shampoo less and clay wash more. I also do not use ACV rinse but I love how many uses ACV has 🙂


      1. Lol! I have a lot of them, I’m a hoarder!
        I’ve never done a mud wash, hmmm I’d add that to the wishlist.
        ACV is great! You could try it for your skin too.


      1. Oh that’s great. I’m supposed to also use it as a toner but someone is lazy.
        You shoulď try it for your hair, I’m waiting for the post from today (^_^)


    2. I use ACV in my battle against dandruff. It helps to an extent and softens my hair while it’s at it. I’ve gotten used to the smell but my family members can’t seem to and always run away from me when I use it. If it gets in your eye mehnnnn! It stings like a bitch(excuse my French). I however use the filtered kind as it’s cheaper and more accessible


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