One Month JBCO Hair Growth Challenge.

Happy new week girls!

Haha! It’s my birthday in three days, just reminding you guys, lol.



I’ve decided to go on a one month JBCO hair growth challenge. I bought the Sunny Isle Jamaican Black Castor Oil (Rosemary) for thickness and growth, however it’s moisturizing and softening so that’s an added advantage.

For this challenge, I’ve put my hair in a protective style (Crotchet braids) which will make it easier to take care of my hair.

I mixed 10 tablespoons of JBCO with 2 tablespoons of Coconut oil together. I’m adding coconut oil because JBCO can be very sticky, so adding a lighter oil will reduce this effect. On the flip side, coconut oil stimulates hair growth too.

I plan on massaging this mix onto my hair daily.

These are pictures of my hair before using the JBCO, after a month, I’d show pictures of my hair in this same way.




By God’s grace I’d show results next month, fingers crossed. Have a great day dolls!


8 thoughts on “One Month JBCO Hair Growth Challenge.

  1. Castor oil is FANTASTIC! For the challenge, you may have difficulty applying the oil every day with your protective style installed. I think one of the things was to ensure you wash your hair at least once a week to avoid massive build up and to also clean the scalp so that the oil can penetrate the scalp properly.
    Good luck!!


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