Crochet Braids On Natural Hair.

Hey dolls!

Over the weekend I did crotchet braids (birthday hair whoop!).

Here are videos on how to crotchet braid.

Also, AB did a tutorial on her blog, link here.

Nafisah did a tutorial too, link here.

So with all that, I hope I’ve made it easy to assess.



You’d Need:

  • A bobby pin (I used a small one but please get a big bobby pin, it’s less stressful.) or crotchet used in knitting.
  • Extensions –  marley hair,  etc (I used two packs Noble Natural Braid, the one used for dreads which cost 1200n each at Yaba market, I feel I was gba’d but oh well…)
  • Music, movie or a friend to talk with because it will consume your time. (Three messages from pastor Kingsley which are an hour each, got me through.)






Worth Noting:

I braided my hair into seven cornrows (all-back), although I wish I did 10 cornrows because of the space I got. Also, I made the mistake of not aligning the centre of my head properly for a centre part, now I’m stuck with a side part only so take note.

The Noble Natural Braid comes separated already and it looks quite identical to the Marley hair so it can pass for Marley hair in the long run. Two packs wasn’t enough because I did little spaces in between each “crotcheted” braid (I hope I’m making sense right now, lol) so if you want bigger hair, smaller spaces and your hair is like mine lengthwise, then get three packs of the Noble Natural Braid.

The hair gets full quickly so you need to be conscious of what you’re doing.

The great part about this hair is that it is VERY light! You wouldn’t feel like you have anything on your head, except when it gets hot though, your neck will pay lol, other than that, it is good.

Also, it tangles, tangles badly, since it’s synthetic, I didn’t expect a silky texture but if you’re using a silky texture of hair, you have nothing to worry about.

The hair itself is far from being a low manipulation hairstyle, getting it in place can be tasking especially if you’re in a hurry though so take note. This is only because I used kinky hair though.

I’m still on my JBCO hair growth challenge though and my birthday was on Saturday guys! I’m still accepting any form of delivery for my gifts! Sea, road, rail, air, waka to my house, anything! Haha!

I wish you all pleasant surprises this week!


11 thoughts on “Crochet Braids On Natural Hair.

  1. Bey! I made my hair into those wool locs you did last week and took out the edges today because they were too tight. And guess what? My hairline has receded. The thing cut my 2 inch TWA big time. What do I do? I’m so sad.. xx


    1. Hey hunnay.
      Oh my! I’m so sorry! I can’t even imagine the sight. I’d just break down. Hhuuuggggggssssss!
      You can stay clear from protective styles that pull your edges too tight that’s why when I want to braid or anything, I do “brush” with my edges so that way I’m not pulling them too tight.
      I think you should also try JBCO with coconut mix; this has really helped and just give your hair all the TLC it needs; deep condition etc.
      I’m not big on hair vitamins but you can try them too; be sure you research on the side effects and things like that.
      I’m so sorry about your hair love but don’t worry, it’s just hair and it will definitely grow back.


  2. thumbs up @Pastor Kingsley. Made my crotchet braid yesterday with Royal silk brand. Used three packs of it, it was an old one sha used during my last kinky twists. After installing, i twisted each of the strand to loose it out after a week. I hope it comes out great. Compliment in advance.


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