Twists Out On Natural Hair.

Hey darlings!

I did this bomb twists out on Monday, September 1st but I had to comb it out because my H.O.D wouldn’t sign my clearance form, according to her my hair wasn’t in a presentable form. It’s funny how twists out on kinky hair looks unpresentable but twists out on curly 3a,b,c hair looks gorgeous, or twists out on relaxed hair looks so amazing. This is a topic for another day but guess what, I had to comb my hair so that my clearance form would be signed by her. Unfair doesn’t even cut it, I was really pissed but well, I’d take it that someone feels intimidated by my kinky hair, nothing more, nothing less.

Moving on, on freshly washed hair, I sealed with JBCO & Coconut oil mix and whipped shea butter then twisted each section of my hair and unraveled the twists two days later, lol yes that’s why I was heavily pained.

I managed to take these pictures.


PhotoGrid_1410308575375 PhotoGrid_1410308591268 PhotoGrid_1410308608167 PhotoGrid_1410308635570PhotoGrid_1410306631875

By the way, I’m getting tired of my crotchet braids, not because I miss my hair, just because I’m not a fan of the extensions I used to do them so I MIGHT take them out this week.


22 thoughts on “Twists Out On Natural Hair.

  1. I can so relate to this post, once had to comb a braidout(which I thought was fab anyway) because of a lecturer. Try curling the kinky hair with bendy rollers and hot water or just plaiting and dipping in hot water for a different look.


  2. Each tym i do the twist out people keep asking where i locked my hair? Thats for those that like it and those ones that dont they go oti lo dada irun e ko fine! Im like mchewwwww wareva! Lecturers in my sch mind their bizness so no intimidation frm them 😀


    1. I’ve done the post on crochet braids hun and yes I did them myself.
      Thank you darl! Lol people haven’t come to terms with natural hair yet. It’s still in the developing stage.


  3. mtsheew..these lecturers sha… I remember when my hair was right about this length august last year. I decided 2 rock a twist out for my diploma foundation entrance exams when I was suddenly stop by a female security officer for not combing my hair…she asked with a concerned look on her face, ”why didn’t comb your hair young lady?” one of the most awkward moments of my life. Its all good tho…please keep rocking your twistouts abeg…you look beautiful on them.


  4. Wow such ignorance from the HOD and was that even necessary or in any way tied to her business as HOD? You looked cute by the way.


  5. It’s just hateration in full effect, why does every woman and their house help think they have the right to comment on your hair? If you like it say so, i’ll appreciate, if you don’t, why are you so pained about something not on your own head?? My local government inspector told a girl to stop lying when she said she liked my hair….kilode??




      1. Yeah it happened, I was smiling on the outside, but believe me curses were rolling around my head. I get a lot more compliments than abuse now though, so I definitely think you’e right!


  6. hahahahahaaa… I made it obvious from day one that I ride a mean bike with cartoon-themed horn-sounds. I wore twist-outs and never combed my hair to class with coloured lipstick from blue to green and couldn’t be told anything. Sorry you had to go through that though! Awww… i love the look though. It’s cute. Enjoy this stage hun… no dulling


  7. I love your results! And that’s not fair that you had to change your hair, I’m sorry that happened to you. Society needs to be more accepting of natural hair which is something that will come in time.

    In the meantime, you look gorgeous! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    Victoria Sallie


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