Been A Minute.

Hi dolls!

Lol I know I owe you all the greatest apologies ever, I’m sorry.

I have been up and down these past months, a lot has happened, I’m now in fashion school (big ups to this aspiring designer) and I work part-time now with so if you’re a seller and you want your products featured online, holla!

That aside, now for hair business. The one month Jamaican Black Castor Oil challenge was great! JBCO is great for my hair. I’ve gained extra inches since I started using JBCO. Also, my hair is softer now but the tangles are still prominent. I would have added pictures of my hair from different sides but I haven’t sat down to take pictures of my hair but my front hair now rests in between my eyes, that’s some growth hun! Hopefully nextweek I’d take pictures and post on here, been busy busy busy.

Also, there’s a bloggers party coming up here in Abuja (oops I forgot to add I’m now in Abuja), the representatives came to the office with a proposal for sponsorship so we got talking. It will hold on the 5th of December featuring bloggers in all categories (you heard it hear first!) so we natural hair bloggers are definitely invited. Watch this space for more details.

Currently, I’m protective styling by wig-ing it out. I got this Vivica Fox Express Wig (Bohemian curls) and it’s so versatile. I cornrow-ed my hair and I put my wig on and look fab, lol. My sister got it here at the Casabella store for about 9000n or there about. Just like every curly synthetic hair, it tangles easily but with water and coconut oil I scale through.

I have really missed blogging, I hope you all missed me too? (side eye)

Have a wonderful week dolls!


7 thoughts on “Been A Minute.

  1. Hmmmm, God knows i’ve been waiting for a new post. we missed you and at the same time, we are angry. You have to buy KFC shrimps and a choco ice cream to appease the… Fashion school? learn well o so that you’ll sow my wedding gown…#clearsthroat#. Congrats on your new length.


  2. Hey Bey, its been TWO months(not a minute).Some weeks ago, I was tempted to bombard the blog with comments till u,congrats on the part time job and fashion school,hope to see more posts.


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