Wig-ing It.

Hey hunnays!

So I did promise you all I’d blog more, this is me fulfilling my promise (angel eyes :D).

I decided to post pictures of my wig, selfie time!


Proud Kaymu Staff. 🙂


After church selfie. :)
After church selfie. 🙂


Rocked a side part on Sunday.
Rocked a side part on Sunday.
Centre part.
Centre part.

TGIF! Too bad I’m working weekends, sniffs.

Have a fab weekend dolls!

If you’re here in Abuja you can holla ;)!




6 thoughts on “Wig-ing It.

  1. You really looking good, I’m jealous, i want a wig tooooo.
    I’m actually thinking of doing a Crotchet DIY wig for myself with a quality bohemian weave. 9k no be small money ooo


  2. That’s an extremely lovely head turning hairpiece you’ve got on….. I’m trying very hard not to be jealous…..


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