Hair Update (Length Check).

Hey hunnays!

Hope you all had a fab weekend? I did, even though I had to work.

So yesterday, I washed my hair and I decided to do a quick length check just to show you guys the stage/state my hair is at, at the moment.

I also tried a new product yesterday: Doo Gro Mega Thick Shampoo (my sister’s shampoo, decided to try it on my hair) because I didn’t want to use my Dudu Osun black soap to wash my hair and I finished by washing with Alberto Vo5 Tea Therapy Conditioner (it has this lovely minty smell).


Tried a puff with a rubber band, my sister forced me, lol.
Tried a puff with a rubber band, my sister forced me, lol.
photogrid_1410303912104 ooo
photogrid_1410303857719 oo
My edges are still struggling
Before wash, dirty hair


I wore the same nightie just for proper comparison.

My hair is fuller now, softer but my ends are still quite ratchet-y and I’m overly due for a trim, still scouting for natural hair salons here in Abuja so when I decide, I’d give my hair a treat. I’ve gained some inches as well. Length wise (in terms of inches), I don’t know how many inches and I’d like to keep it that way till my nappyversary.

No I’m not in the awkward stage yet but yes I’m hoping to be there before my hair clocks One.



After washing with Doo Gro Mega Thick Shampoo

PhotoGrid_1416216330793 PhotoGrid_1416216261441 PhotoGrid_1416216247455

The shampoo has SLS as its second ingredient so you know it has a high percentage of SLS. Nonetheless, I wanted the SLS so as to get rid of the dirt in my hair. It smells good as well (If I’d buy it for myself it will be because of the smell) with very light consistency. (Brief product review, lol). Just like every product with high content of SLS, it left my hair feeling dry but I followed up almost immediately with my condish.


Drenched in condish

PhotoGrid_1416216205426 PhotoGrid_1416216168715 PhotoGrid_1416216141231

I’m prepping for box braids by weekend so I did not do a protein treatment in this wash, moving that till Friday so hopefully I’d show pictures of my hair when it’s all done.

Also, if you know any good natural hair salon in Abuja, leave a comment please.


May this week be filled with pleasant surprises for you & your own!



7 thoughts on “Hair Update (Length Check).

  1. Hi,
    You can check out Lumo Naturals salon in Abj. Don’t know their address as I don’t reside in Abj but you can contact for more details.


  2. Hi Bey. I do know a good natural hair salon in Abuja. ‘Twas where I made my hair for my wedding. Unfortunately I can’t remember the name when I do I’ll let you know. It’s in Gwarimpa by the way, third avenue i think, in a shopping complex behind Monty hotel.


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