It’s a New Year!

Oh it’s been a while!

I missed you all, group hug and kisses!

Happy New Year Hunnies! May this year be one of many celebrations in Jesus’ name!

January 2nd was my BC anniversary (oh yes it’s been a year!), however, my nappyversary is February 25th because that’s when I made the decision to go natural. Nappyversary is very subjective so you can choose anytime you like.

To celebrate my nappyversary, I’d take a trip to a natural hair salon here in Abuja (in that I have NEVER gone to a natural hair salon since I went natural so I’m super excited); preferably the weekend before my nappyversary, just to give my hair a treat.

This treat involves having a good trim (my ends are so ratchet right now with SSKs all over), dyeing my hair honey blonde (just the tip) and straightening my hair (first time EVER).

I’m soooo excited!

Yes yes I’d blog my whole experience don’t worry.

So let’s catch up, what are your hair goals for 2015? Mine is to have fuller, healthy and longer hair. Still hoping I clock 6″ before February 25th (nothing is impossible, fingers crossed lol).

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