Closure = Bald Spot.

Hey dolls!

So I took out my weave with closure and I had a terrible experience with it. The closure was done with glue, even though my sister told me prior that glue wasn’t supposed to be used plus you know how glue on natural hair is, well, it is safe to say I have bald spots now, I can’t cry. 😦

I had to yank the weave off my scalp because the glue was too powerful. Please and please, if you’re getting closure done, do not use glue, no matter how “natural hair friendly” it may seem. Front hair I’ve been struggling for all these time just went down the drain, lol it’s not even funny.

On a brighter note, my front hair now rests on the bridge of my nose, my hair is a lot fuller now and other sides of my hair have grown significantly.


State of my hair at the moment:

Used a rubber band to create a puff.

My edges are screaming for help.
My edges are screaming for help.




Bald spot.
Bald spot.

No I’m not doing a length check till I want to dye my hair, hopefully I clock 6″ or more. 🙂

I’d be rocking my hair out this week, even at work and yes I will blog about the irksome question most of us get “Aunty so when are you relaxing your hair nah?”

Have a wonderful week guys.


11 thoughts on “Closure = Bald Spot.

  1. Oh no!!!! I’m crying for you hun. This is every girl’s worst nightmare. Glue on hair of any type is just a bad idea. A good hairdresser would have sewn in the closure. Sorry this happened. i would stay away from tight hairstyles for now. Or super tight buns 😦 I know right. I love a good bun. Also minimal protective styling. Stack up on coconut oil and castor oil. You will be fine.

    All the best 🙂


    1. Thank you dear!
      I started using this Groganics hair cream/lotion and I’m hoping for the best.
      Stay away from tight hairstyles, adhesive kind of hair glue and uber tight buns because those edges are precious:(

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    1. This wasn’t bonding glue oh, it was adhesive. I can’t even explain. Bonding glue doesn’t result in bald spots funny enough, unless your hair is very fine (texture).
      Thanks hun and congrats on your hair length!


  2. I dont know mehn… I thought my hair could survive with the glue. But hearing these just killed my morale. I did an invisible closure weave with glue. its been a month now. I’ll take it down with glue remover tomorrow and work some castor oil in it if i notice breakage or bald spots.


  3. To successfully take down glued weave start by spraying oil sheen on d glued part days before take down. It melts the glue. Nurture your edges back, we live and learn.


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