‘Fro Gist.

Hey dolls, how’s the week going? Any better?

Well my week started off awesome-ly as Dr. Bill Winston came to church (I attend COZA here in Abuja) and I was fully blessed! Hallelujah somebody!

I decided to rock my ‘fro for the week: that is to work, church, bank and everywhere else just to see the reception I’d get, bad or good.

To my amazement, my mane was well received. with

“Oh is this your hair?”

“Oh is this a wig?”

“It’s your hair? Wow nice!”

“Oh I like your hair”


and let’s not forget the constant stares from passersby as I made my way to work and other places.

On Wednesday, I went to submit my performance clearance/certificate for my place of primary assignment (PPA/Office) so I can get paid for the month since I’m a corper, as I submitted the clearance, the following conversation ensued:

NYSC Official 2: This your hair, even though it is natural, why not make it ehn? Plait it or something now.

NYSC Official 1: I like her hair.

NYSC Official 2: You like this? (with an irritated look)

NYSC Official 1: Yes I really do.

Me: I was like in my mind, she likes the hair now madam, what’s your own?tumblr_m0pe1bivi41r7mpvuo1_400NYSC Official 1 To Me: Your hair must be really soft for you to rock it like this right?

Me: Yes (but I wanted to also add that natural hair can be whatsoever you make of it so it can give you a tough time if you don’t do what it likes but I let it slide)

Then I left. I really wanted to give the other NYSC Official 2 a piece of my mind but hey I needed to clear myself for the month so I can get paid so I shut my mouth.

My hair is always the topic/issue whenever I need to get cleared for something, save me! 😦

Also on Tuesday at church, while on the queue for a bus to A.Y.A, the lady behind me was just doing somehow:

Lady: awkwardly looking at my hair trying to see the front of my hair

Lady: Will you relax your hair?

Me: not again NO!madI think she got the message.

I am TIRED of people saying I should comb, make, relax my hair. Nigerians just feel they have an opinion about your hair and if it isn’t “relaxed” there is a problem. Aunty I can dye, cut or do whatever I want to do with MY hair.

Please and please if you’re one of them “aunties” that voice out your uncalled for opinion about another person’s hair, just remember it is THEIR hair and not yours so your opinion DOES NOT count and you can also hurt their feelings with your uncalled for opinion. Thanks. 🙂

I do hope we all have a lovely weekend! Kisses!

Sidebar: Do you guys like the gifs expressing my emotions? Yay or Nay?

6 thoughts on “‘Fro Gist.

  1. LOL keep the gifs coming
    You should have included picture of fro ^.^
    I had someone in the market once, after admiring my twists over & over, then ask me why I wouldn’t relax my hair. Like we were on it for a while, she wanted me to give her what she felt was a tangible reason why. I thought she was joking but she was so serious. These twists you love so much would look nothing like this if I did them on relaxed hair & you still want to know why I won’t relax my hair, na wa.


  2. I’ve had such experiences before! Someone actually asked me if I was from South Africa.
    And the stares could be killer stares too


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