‘Fro In Pictures.

Hey Hey!

Happy New Month in advance guys!

As the Blog title states, this is just a post on the current state/look of my hair before clocking one.

Yes my hair is a lot fuller, yes I still have knots and tangles, yes I’m due for a trim, no I don’t know if I’ve gotten to 6″ or more and yes I will visit a natural hair salon next month.

All pictures were taken during the course of the week, enjoy! 🙂


C360_2015-01-26-07-25-56-228 C360_2015-01-26-07-26-02-438 C360_2015-01-26-07-26-20-815 C360_2015-01-27-11-39-21-127 20150127_114259
































Lol the last two pictures shows that shrinkage is real!

Have a fab weekend. 🙂

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