Ghana Weaving On Natural Hair.

Happy New Month Everyone!

I had a lovely weekend, lol I got my hair did, pedi and mani too!


I haven’t done Ghana weaving since I went natural so it has been a while.

Anyways, this will be quite a long post, bear with me.


First off: Wash

I washed my hair with Dudu Osun Black Soap (cleansing shampoo, review soon), detangled (not in sections as usual but as a whole, just because) and followed up by soaking my hair in pure honey; literally, and coating it with Vitale Olive Oil Hair Mayonnaise and coconut oil. It would be faster and easier for you to mix all these before applying onto your hair but I preferred to apply them separately just because…

After that, I applied this Groganics Grotivator hair lotion onto the edges of my hair, raw shea butter, coconut oil and JBCO because my shea butter mix was cooling off in the freezer.  I then twisted my hair in midi twists because I thought I was prepping for a twist out, apparently I didn’t go anywhere the next day except the salon so my lovely twist out wasted. 😦

Coated in honey.



Coated in DC + Honey.
Midi twists.


Defined twist out. 😦



Next: Salon

I normally stick to my comfort zone and use black colour of attachment just so it rhymes with my hair even though my hair is deep brown, it’s just convenient for me. However, I decided to take a risk and do a different colour of hair which is in between red and wine since people can do grey, pink, blue hair, I mean, so can I. It was either that or purple, well I wasn’t ready to go purple yet so I stuck to my red-wine mix.

I used just one big Expression attachment for this style in the colour 350 (yes, this is my first time of hearing such a colour number, the most popular are 1, 2, 4 and 33 but oh well we learn everyday).

The style is majorly all-back (cornrows) but with few braids at the back of my hair. The style involves adding more attachment to the cornrows, lol I know I’m not making sense to non-Africans right now but please pardon me. Hopefully the video embedded will explain more.

Also, I told the hairdresser to do “brush” for the front of my hair to avoid breakage. I always do this whenever I want to get braids installed or anything in that family because my edges are precious.

I did a style called “rice and beans”, where you have one or two normal cornrows and one Ghana cornrow, lol it doesn’t make sense, hopefully the pictures will shed more light.

Colour 350.

20150201_144149 20150201_175948 20150201_163310


My Thoughts:

Haha you know that moment when the attachment has been cut and the hairdresser is already “picking” it prepping for your braids and you’re like “insert your name are you sure you want to do this?”, I was like that until she started making my hair.

No the hair isn’t tight but taut, firm enough but not hurting my scalp because I was able to chew gum from the beginning of my hair till the end, that says something right?

I’m not so psyched about it but it’s me trying something new (I mean the hair colour) so I guess it is alright and I plan on taking this for two weeks and some days. My Nappyversary is 25th of February so I plan on visiting the salon that day since it is my free day.


So, what do you guys think about my new protective style, the colour and everything, Yay? Nay?


17 thoughts on “Ghana Weaving On Natural Hair.

  1. Lovely, u just motivated a sistur, I was gonna do ghana weaving but changed my mind nd had a weave-on, guess what!!!!! I just got my dry henna frm d local hausa woman nd I’m gonna be doing some henna treatment,I’ll rock my hair for a while then ghen ghen my ghana weaving. U look awesome by the way! :*


  2. You just inspired a sistur, wanted to go on ghana weaving,but opted for a weave-on instead,I’m taking d weave down this week,guess what! I got me some natural henna from d local hausa woman,so ama be doing henna treatment ,rocking my mane for a week then do the ghana weaving. Plus u look awesome,d color fits u.


    1. Thanks hunnay!
      Yay! Do purple if you can take the risk lol.
      Haha I have been postponing my henna treatment ehn, maybe sometime next month.
      Blog about it, I want to know everything.


  3. Wow, I just found your log since you liked an Instagram picture of mine and I am IN LOVE with your blog! I’m a Nigerian girl, born and raised in Germany and it’s really hard to maintain my natural hair I’ve here because there aren’t many Afro shops here, and those that are here are increeeedibly expensive. And it’s not even that there are no Afro shops, it also not so many products I can use since all of the products are for white people’s hair.
    Anyway, I love your blog and I’ll make sure to check back regularly and follow some of your tips, so maybe I can get my hair into better shape again.

    Love from Germany!
    Wakila of


    1. Yaaay! Thanks so much hun!
      Oh I can imagine your struggle. I think there are some online stores that ship to Germany, you just have to persevere and find them.
      Keep your mane looking good hun.

      Much love from Nigeria!


  4. I love your blog. I’m also growing my natural hair (8 months and counting 🙌), I actually have Ghana weaving on but I planned on re-doing it cos I don’t like the way its made (non-nigerian hair stylist😐) Sometimes I even wish i could transport my head to Nigeria just to get my hair perfectly done😁But now that I’ve seen your blog I know just what to do. Thank you, Lastly I’d love it if you could give me a list of natural hair products I could use for my hair😉

    With Love from South Africa


    1. Yay! Thanks a lot hun & you go girl!
      I can imagine, sorry.
      Wow, I’m the last person to ask about products since I’m not big on using a lot of NH products neither am I a product junkie, however, simplicity is always key.
      However these are what I use currently:
      I have staple conditioners & shampoo – Alberto Vo5 range.
      Detangling conditioner – Gentelle Hair Fruits range.
      Cleansing bar – Dudu-Osun black soap.
      Deep conditioner – Vitale Olive Oil Hair Mayonnaise + Honey.
      Moisturizer – Whipped shea butter
      Coconut oil, Olive oil, JBCO, Bragg’s ACV.
      However, soon enough I will make a page of all the products I use on my hair once I try more products, hope this helps.


  5. Wow! I’m so happy I found this. My hair is natural. 6 months and counting. Right now, I just took out my box braids and I’m so confused about the next style to do. Don’t want to fix because of this heat. And I always thought natural hair couldn’t take Ghana weaving but you just changed my mind. Tomorrow, I’m going to do this. Sorry for the epistle people. Lol.


    1. Yay! So glad I could help you hun.
      Yes natural hair can take Ghana weaving, you just have to stretch your hair properly (I suggest using thread) before doing the braids to ensure it’s smooth and all.


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