Product Review – Dudu-Osun Black Soap.

Been a minute dolls, howdy?

So I’ve been procrastinating on doing this product review but it’s finally here, whew.

Down to business. I bought this soap over a while back because I wanted a cleansing shampoo in a bar then I read around that this was the best bet so here goes.



Product – Tropical Naturals Dudu-Osun Black Soap.

Product Information – Dudu-Osun is the age long African black soap made the traditional way by hand from PURE NATURAL INGREDIENTS AND HERBS from the tropical rain forest and savannah regions.

The soap comes in a portable size as well. Unlike other soaps that melt easily, this one doesn’t melt as fast as some bathing soaps I’ve tried.

Size – 150 grams.

Ingredients – Pure Honey, Shea Butter, Osun (camwood), Palm kernel oil, Cocoa pod ash, Palm bunch ash, Aloe vera, Lime juice, Water, Fragrance.

Product promise – Cleanses, nourishes, protects & refreshes your skin, no artificial colours, no preservatives, bio degradable.

Smell – It smells very cam-wood-y (lol if there’s anything like that). It doesn’t smell like petals and roses so…

Price – N120 – N150.

Where to buy – Your local supermarket or regular market, it’s very popular especially in this part of the world.

How I use 

* I use this bar strictly and solely on my hair so I don’t know the results for skin.

* Also, since I don’t prepoo or whatsoever, I go straight to cleansing my hair, sometimes after detangling with a detangling conditioner or on lazy days, I just use this soap directly without any pre-treatment.

– On damp and sectioned hair, I apply the bar first on my scalp then I work my way to coat it on my hair strands. I know people use this bar strictly on their scalp but hair strands too need to be cleansed properly as well, what’s the point of having clean scalp but dirty hair strands?

– Once every part of my hair is nicely coated with this soap, I sometimes finger detangle then use my finger pads to ‘scrub’ my scalp then rinse off. Ce fini.

The Good 

– It cleanses wonderfully, better than any shampoo in my opinion.

– The ingredients are on the good side so it means my hair enjoys the goodness of honey and etc.

– It lathers easily so you don’t have to use a lot. A little rub goes a long way.

The Bad

– It’s drying effect on my hair is O_O. After rinsing, my hair always feels dry and squeaky clean, it’s a good thing but if I don’t follow up with a condish & DC, my hair will turn to sponge, hard village sponge lol.

– Even though this product swears to have pure natural ingredients, I believe there’s a high percentage of SLS in this soap, correct me if I’m wrong.

How I Preserve 

After use, I simply place it back in it’s pack till the next wash day.

Will I Buy Again?

Yes I will, over and again. Why? It’s inexpensive, easy to use and gives me the best value for my money. It’s a great shampoo guys!

UPDATE: This soap makes my hair shed and makes my scalp tingle in a a bad way, I have stopped using this product.

Have some things to share? Do leave a comment. 🙂



11 thoughts on “Product Review – Dudu-Osun Black Soap.

  1. SLS in Dudu Osun? I strongly disagree. This doesn’t dry out my hair or skin at all except i lather twice. I think the lathering action of the soap and the drying effect makes you believe it has SLS. the truth is dudu osun is a highly alkaline soap due to the ashes present in it; the ash therefore reacts with water vigorously to produce the plenty plenty lathers. Because of the the alkalinity of the soap, people with high porosity hair might find it drying and would want to stay away from this product or follow it up with a neutralizing acid like ACV. I have been using this religiously on my skin for almost 3 years now. I can tell that my skin has become definitley softer over the years. I use it on my hair biweekly and i lather twice. My hair is of low porosity, my edges (temple to ear area) are highly porous.


    1. Oh maybe that’s why I thought it has this drying effect on my hair. My hair is of medium-high porosity. I should then follow up with an ACV rinse to balance it out.
      Thanks for the tip hun.


  2. To eliminate the drying effect, I melt a little piece of it and mix with VO5 conditioner and olive oil. So my hair does not feel dry afterwards


  3. I dissolve in cold water 3 days before I need to use it and add some olive oil so I don’t get that drying effect. My twa comes out Veery clean and oiled


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