Help! In Need of More Products.

Hey hey.

This is just a random post anyways.

I recently ran out of conditioner before I made my Ghana Braids so I decided to buy one (or some). I then went to a supermarket in my estate looking for new conditioners to buy but the problem I have is I’m very selective/picky in everything so picking a conditioner or a product in general is always a tough one.

Checking the shelf, I saw some nice products, never heard of or seen but as soon as I read the ingredients on the label, I placed them back without much hesitation. Nonetheless, I picked my staple conditioner: the Vo5 collection (I think I’m one of those that have tried all the Vo5 conditioners produced 🙂 ) and Natur Vital conditioner just because I was willing to try something new plus a review is coming up once I’ve used it thrice. The range also includes one with henna but since I still have pure henna I haven’t used, I chose a simple conditioner which I can’t remember the name now though.

I’m trying to build up RELEVANT product stash for my hair. My shea butter mix works fine as a styler and moisturizer but I’m willing to try something new so I went to Olori to find products that suit my taste: price, size and ingredients wise and I saw quite a few that I’m willing to try out. I’m not trying these products because of my hair type and characteristics, it’s just going to be an impulsive purchase.  If you’re currently using any of the products listed or you’ve used them before, help a sister out by letting me know if they’re any good.

Also, I’m going blonde nextweek in celebration of my Nappyversary! However, I’m torn between buying Creme of Nature hair dye or Dark and Lovely hair dye, which do you prefer? Tested and trusted?


– Creme of Nature Exotic Shine Color With Argan Oil Honey Blonde



– Dark and Lovely Go Intense! Hair Color Golden Blonde


– ApHogee Balancing Moisturizer


– ElastaQP Olive Oil & Mango Butter Anti-Breakage Growth Moisturizer


– African pride Shea Butter Miracle Buttery Creme


– Cantu Shea Flat Iron Spray


– As I Am Coconut Cowash


– Trader Joe’s Nourish Spa Balanced Moisturizing Conditioner


ApHogee Keratin 2 Minute Reconstructor


– ElastaQP Olive Oil & Mango Butter Leave-in Conditioner


– Giovanni Smooth As Silk Deep Moisture Conditoner


– Lustrasilk Curl MAX Twisty Curly Spray


– Jessicurl Rich and Radiant Collection

Hopefully I’d stroll to Casabella store at Shoprite when I have the time to check these products out and some. I also want to try mashanu (sp?) as I’ve read nothing but good things about it and I can find in Wuse market so it’s a date.

I will book an appointment with Lumo Naturals hopefully tomorrow against nextweek Wednesday, I want to blow out my hair, straighten then trim all at once. I will dye my hair later nextweek all by my self (did I mention how much I love DIYs?)

Do leave a comment below about the products highlighted above and/or (any) other product(s) you think I should try or will work well for my hair.


6 thoughts on “Help! In Need of More Products.

  1. I just got the traders joe nourish spa conditioner 2 weeks back. I have tried it just once. it detangles my hair so easily and it quite moisturizing. I actually tried some mini experiment with it and petals conditioner ( white cheapie conditioner readily available everywhere in lagos) To me, petals does just the same job with traders joe. its hard to tell the difference between the two only if you pay close attention but petals was slightly more slippery than spa. I like the fact that spa is derived from organic ingredients. I also love the light fresh smell. I have been wanting to try elasta qp leave in (jar) for a while now but haven’t/. the ingredient least is very impressive.


    1. Petals? They make relaxers to right? Are the ingredients natural hair friendly? You know how most made in Nigeria products splatter all kinds of ingredients in their mix only to give little to no benefit (so I heard/read).


  2. Creme of Nature is good although I had better results with Clairol. Haven’t tried Dark and Lovely on my natural hair(just my weave and it worked well but dried the weave out if I remember well)


  3. I love the as I am coconut cowash! It smells heavenly and moisturises my hair like no man’s business. I use it to cowash and deepcondition sometimes(mixed with the natur vitalis olive oil mayonnaise)

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