Get To Know My Mane/It’s A Year!

Hey dolls!

So I decided to do a tell-all/get-to-know-my-mane post, sit back and enjoy. This post might be a “little” long because I love to gist so endure. I set questions for myself just to make this seem more interactive.


How it all started…

I decided to go natural exactly a year ago and well let me share the exact story. I was going through this hair phase (you know a period in your life where you cut your hair, dye it and all that?) so I cut my hair in September 2013 as a birthday gift to myself. It was this Rihanna inspired hair (I wish I could attach a picture but my laptop crashed so…) similar to this

rhianna2 rihanna-hairstyles-short-hairstyles

I got tired of the style (asides the hostel matron complaining that I look like an idol worshiper, I get bored with stuff easily and yes at some time I got bored with my natural hair too) then decided to wear a weave, that gave my hair time to grow, then I did Ghana braids/weaving before I went to the barber’s shop January 2nd 2014 (same one who cut my hair in September) to get an even “low” haircut similar to Chidinma’s but he got clippers happy and gave me a very low hair cut, similar to a guy’s regular haircut. I could not cry. I hated it. I hated myself for a second because I was like who sent me to cut this hair now? Moving on, I had no choice but to “rock” the hair so he got me La Bella Lots of Curls to apply on the hair so it can have that curly effect.

- What I wanted.
– What I wanted.
Three days after my BIG CHOP.
– What I got.

I got good and bad compliments about my hair, you know how Nigerians must always have an opinion about your hair. Maintaining my hair at that length was so easy. I’d take a bath and I could easily pour water on my hair because it would be dry before I’m done dressing up for class, talk about living the good life. Then exactly February 24th 2014, I can’t even remember how it happened but I know I stumbled on a post on nairaland about how Nigerian hair can grow and the lady put up pictures of her natural hair. I surfed Instagram and stumbled on some natural hair pictures and I went “wow if they can grow their hair to this length so can I!” Meanwhile I have a friend, let’s call her D. Her natural hair measures at 14” or a little more and I just accrued hers to good hair genes from her dad because she doesn’t have a “special” hair regimen and yes she is relaxed. So from IG I moved to YouTube where I saw natural hair bloggers and loads of helpful videos.

Why did you go natural?

Initially, here was the misconception I had, I thought if I grew my hair naturally I would get to BL in no time and also I thought I would have 3c curls, lol don’t blame me, blame YouTube bloggers. Also, it seemed so easy to grow natural hair so I was ready. My reality conquered my dreams. So now, asides the façade, I went natural so I could grow my hair healthily and the right way, to treat my hair like a pet project and watch it grow, sounds better right?

How has it been so far?

Omg! Rip my hair out (jk)! I’ve had ups and downs, right now I’m battling with breakage and unnecessary dryness but that comes with the territory especially if you haven’t had a trim in a year (lol feels good saying “in a year, it’s been a year, year this, year that”). The journey so far has been awesome! I can’t lie. Going natural exposed me to a lot of things which can be used on my hair (and skin). Also, it threw out the window, the misconception we all had while growing up that natural hair is tough to manage, etc and Nigerian hair cannot grow past a certain length unless you’re mixed or you live abroad. This is truly unfair, even my sister had this theory and I showed her pictures of bloggers residing in Nigeria with natural hair not even relaxed and she kept mute. We should try to encourage others and ensure they understand that you are what you do with your hair. You can’t feed your hair with all it needs and it won’t grow or improve at least.

Now it’s a year, yay! Looking back, what would you have done better?

I could have blogged more and shown more pictures, I apologize. Also, I’ve been in my comfort zone for a year, I haven’t tried most styles or products or gone for any natural hair meet up. I also should have moisturized my hair more and gone for a trim months ago but it’s all good still.

This next phase of your hair, what are you willing to do? Goals etc?

Hay I’m going to blog so much you would get tired of daily email notifications of my bog posts, haha!

About my hair at 1:

  • 4a kinky coily hair. Sometimes I think I’m a 4a/4c mix but oh well…
  • Medium-high porosity (I spritzed my hair with water today at 7:50am and before 9pm my hair was dry but moisturized)
  • Coarse strands.
  • As far as elasticity is concerned, I experience  about 50% shrinkage.
  • Medium-high density.
  • SSKs and tangles but a good trim will fix all that.
  • No edges, lol no joke.
  • Twa measuring roughly 6” (because I’m getting a trim tomorrow).
  • My hair likes honey, mayo, aloe vera, man shanu, avocado and pretty much things I can’t eat.

Goals for the next phase:

- Taren Guy, YouTube blogger, love her.
– Taren Guy, YouTube blogger, love her.
  • Gain 6-8 more inches so by my next Nappyversary, I should be at 12-14 inches and finally use curl formers or flexi rods on my hair, whip my hair back and forth and try a zillion other styles.
  • Trim my hair more often (only when needed).
  • Engage in blowing out my hair every two months at least to reduce those SSKs.
  • More hair! I’m a sucker for highly dense hair so I’m aiming at having the volume of Cipriana Quann of Urban Bush Babes (hair idol).
  • Insert all that shinier hair, softer hair and etc.
  • I’m up for new stuff so if I find out custard is good for detangling, hell I will try it out.

I’m all set for my salon day tomorrow, would blog about it on Thursday, hope it goes great.


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