Wash, Twist, Go.

Hey hunnies, doing good today?

Over the weekend I washed my hair and pondered on what to do with it. For a while now I have been procrastinating on doing micro twists all over but this was the end of that procrastination, I decided to twist my hair so I literally did a wash, twist and go.

This is my protective style for the next two weeks, I might unravel the twists during the weekend and rock a twist out the second week.

You practically wash your hair, apply your moisturizer and gel (optional but necessary if you want to take it longer than a week) and go!

Used Vitale Olive Oil Hair Mayonnaise + Honey and it never fails to make my coils pop.



I couldn’t stretch my hair, banding didn’t work so I’m stuck with shrunken twists



– After washing (Dcing and etc), I sectioned my hair into four parts for easy access.

– Took a section, applied my whipped shea butter to seal in moisture.

– Parted a mini section, applied gel (I used La Bella Lots of Curls), then twisted that section, ce fini.


It took two hours and thirty minutes to be done with my hair but it was worth it.


With few power weapons – bobby pins, I’m good to go. Initially I was so skeptical about the style because my hair was just “standing” in the full glory of it’s elasticity but now, I style it with ease.

People’s Perception

People think I have dreads on, I don’t know if that’s a good thing or not but so far I’ve got nothing but good compliments so you go girl!


I should post more pictures of my hair, maybe an Ootd post tomorrow.

P.S – This is my shortest post ever, haha!


8 thoughts on “Wash, Twist, Go.

  1. Its beautiful and all grown.. i did the same thing with my hair last weekend but instead i used shea moisture hair milk, smoothie and soufle (gel).. Shea butter definitely and the i made bantu knots since my hair is still too short for a twist out!! My curls don’t last more than two days because i am obsessed with touching my hair… did a second bantu knots today on my dry hair 🙂


      1. I will.. maybe this weekend! Yaay am not alone bu i think mine is worse, i can make bantu knots like twice a day. Definitely, if there is a rehab. Lol


  2. Hmmn. mini twists…I Havent worn them in about 8 months.Mini twists on short hair can sometimes be mistaken for dreads. People always do anytime I wear them. By the way, I never really liked mini twists so I always settle for medium sized twists or chunky twists


    1. Yes yes, it’s inevitable.
      Well, I’m a bit on the fence about it because styling was an issue but it’s a 50:50 thing for me, I liked it sometimes, I wasn’t a big fan other times.


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