Mini Twists + Ootd (Pictures)

Hey hey! Hope we all had a great weekend? Mine was a tad bit boring though.

This post is a bit late, apologies, internet issues plus laziness.

Moving on, this is a post on my mini twists, lastweek I rocked them as they were with bobby pins here and there (as shown in the pictures below), this week I unraveled the twists and I’m currently rocking a puff, pictures of that will be posted tomorrow.

This is an Outfit of The Other Day post though, check out my “style blogger” pose, haha!




I noticed a lot of SSKs in my hair, I plan on doing another trim but all by myself, I’d post the technique used once I’m done and no I haven’t forgotten that I’m supposed to dye my hair, procrastination is bad. 😦

This blog will undergo changes in the preceding months, prepare for change. 😉


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