Twist & Trim.

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Hi dolls! 😉

So some Wednesdays ago, I decided to trim my ends just because the trim I got here wasn’t satisfactory and I have also resolved to trimming my hair myself (when necessary) till I find a professional stylist to trim it evenly and nicely.

Moving on, I downloaded this video on YouTube on how to trim twa and this method was the most helpful – the twist and trim method.

Basically, you twist a section of hair, located the thinned out ends and trim it off, simple and quick.

20150325_150812 20150325_145139-120150325_145208

To do this:

  • I washed my hair (cleansed + DC’d).
  • Moisturized my hair.
  • Parted a section of hair to twist (I opted for medium sized twists because I ain’t got all day lol).
  • Grabbed my scissors and snipped away the knotted & thinned out ends.

C360_2015-03-26-11-03-01-934 C360_2015-03-26-11-02-03-905 C360_2015-03-26-08-56-45-182 C360_2015-03-26-08-56-38-844















I did get a little scissors happy when I started but along the line I tamed my excitement lol.

This method of trimming hair is so easy, quick and fun. The next day I had moderately defined twists with less SSKs and thinned out edges.

Healthy hair over length, anytime, anyday.

For me, this method of trimming my hair is here to stay, I’d trim my hair every three months + when it’s absolutely necessary.


Plus my parcel came in today from Olori, (there is this little sale going on so you might want to head over to their website) delivery was topnotch, can’t wait to start using the products.

How do you trim your hair? Do you like this method?


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