Latest Buys.

I am the worst Naturalista in the sense that I do not buy products.

I went one year with just about five to six hair products, send me to NH jail lol.

Anyways, lastweek Friday + after weeks of searching and comparing prices online, I decided to buy some things since I’m trying to work on balancing moisture & protein for my hair and I noticed I don’t even have basic products.

I headed over to Olori to check for necessary products and luckily for me some of them were on sale.



I purchased:

20150408_094456 20150408_095244








– Elasta Qp Olive Oil & Mango Butter Anti-Breakage Leave In Conditioner  1800n (I do not have a leave in conditioner and I’m tired of using my sister’s own plus this comes in a buttery form as opposed the Vitale Olive Oil Anti-Breakage Leave In Conditioner which comes in pure liquid form).


– Trader Joe’s Nourish Spa Conditioner 1500n (I wanted to try this since it was within budget for a conditoner and Nafisah made good reviews so it was worth the buy too).


– Cream of Nature Sulfate-Free Moisture & Shine Shampoo 1600n (I did not buy this because I needed a sulfate free shampoo, I’m fine with my Dudu Osun & VO5 but because I’m going to dye my hair next month, I’d need a sulfate free shampoo to wash the dye off).








– Nothing But Intense Healing Mask 2500n (after reading AB’s review plus it’s her staple DC so it’s worth the try plus my DC has finished).


– Aphogee Balancing Moisturizer 1350n (bummer it has petrolatum as its 7th ingredient but I didn’t check the ingredients (weird I know, I always read up the ingredients before buying) because I desperately need a moisturizer).

Delivery was fast, placed my order on the 2nd, received my package on the 7th (I’m in Abuja) and a printed receipt of my order was in the package as well. Also, the Conditioner, Shampoo & Moisturizer were sealed with a tape since they have a cap to avoid running. I can’t wait to use these products today when I wash my hair and do a review consequently.

Also, on Wednesday I went to Wuse market to purchase kinky hair because I want to do havanna twists over the weekend, I bought the one I used to crotchet here, also got elastic bands and EVOO.

Have a fab weekend hunnies!


7 thoughts on “Latest Buys.

    1. Hey dear, I paid before delivery and I selected the standard shipping of 3-4 working days since the price difference between it & the other wasn’t much.


  1. The elasta qp products have been on my wishlist for a while now. I have been eyeing their growth oil, leave in and curl wax…lol…seeing that leave in makes just want to dial up olori’s line and so yummy plus, the ingredient list is impressive. I hope trader’s joe works great for you just as it did for me.


      I don’t even believe in all these growth oil thing.
      By the way, I used a dime size of the leave in to test on the ends of a section of my hair and my hair just melted in love lol. I can’t wait to fully use it. It has a nice mango-y smell too.
      I currently have Trader Joe’s condish in my hair as I type this lol, I hope my hair loves it too.


      1. Not that I believe the growth oil will actually grow my hair. I just want to incorporate it into my dc mix.


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