Havanna Twists On Natural Hair.

Yello loves!

So over the weekend I washed my hair with my newly acquired products and did havanna twists. I’d try to make this post as short and detailed as possible.

Here are videos on how to do havanna twists

Initially my twists were supposed to be big and havanna-like but oh well…

What You’d Need:

  • Marley hair/Kinky hair – I used Noble Gold Natural Braid in colour 4.
  • Scissors – not entirely necessary but if you want to trim the excess.
  • Lighter/Matchbox – to burn the ends.

How To:

  • Separate a section of hair you want to twist
  • divide that section into two
  • Get the kinky hair, fold in half ensuring both ends are equal
  • Place the middle of the fold (if that makes any sense) into the middle of the divided hair
  • Twist/twirl the left side in a clockwise motion, do the same for the right
  • Twist both sides
  • Burn the ends

If you’re confused just watch the video, it’s easier to understand that way.

– Shed hair after detangling with water and olive oil.
– L-R EVOO, Vo5 Herbal Escapes Shampoo, Trader Joe’s Nourish Spa Conditioner, Nothing But Intense Healing Mask.


20150411_113043 20150411_113104 20150411_113445








20150411_123313 20150411_175540 20150411_175706 20150411_175947























I’m not so psyched about this hair though, maybe because it’s not as chunky as I’d have liked or the hair I used is somehow or something, my colleagues like it though so yay?

I plan on taking the twists out on the 10th of May but if it lasts longer than three weeks, so be it.

I’d post some ways to style these twists if anyone is interested.

I’m loving the Elasta Qp Olive Oil & Bango Butter Leave In Conditioner, gosh! I can’t wait to post a review.

What do you think about this hair? 


12 thoughts on “Havanna Twists On Natural Hair.

    1. Lol!
      If you’re in Lagos I’m sure some NH salons should be able to do havanna twists, other than that you have to brace up and do them yourself hun.


  1. Nice work. I love the look it’s not too big. Please how many packs of noble natural braid did you use and how many strands per twist?


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