The Mini Pompadour.

Hey girls (and guys if any)! Doing good? I’m in a good mood as I type this! 😀 😀 😀

So before I did my havanna twists I had this post pending, issues issues. Since I go to work four times a week (Wednesdays are CDS days) I decided to share how I styled my hair for three days (Easter was on Monday so no work, yes this post is long over due, sorry lol).

As we all know, I suck at styling my NH but amongst my hair goals for this next hair phase is more styling so with my hair brush and bobby pins ready for action, I did a mini pompadour the first day and just let that inspire subsequent styles.

Day 1



Day 2


Day 3

– I was down with the flu.

20150410_094542 20150410_094546 20150410_094549

I believe these styles are best for the work environment, I work in a very “chilled” office and my mane is well received so I don’t have a problem with “oh your hair isn’t properly styled for work/you don’t look professional enough for work”

My favorite is that of Day 3, it’s really girly and fun, I felt pretty that day asides being down with the flu, which is your favorite?


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