Hey girlies, who else is looking forward to the weekend? I have a restaurant review coming up next week (yes this blog is expanding) so if you haven’t subscribed to my posts, you better do, it’s at the right sidebar. 😉

I decided to do this post after reading a lot of #Iamnotcool “stories” and I just felt I should tell my part too. If you’re reading this you’re automatically tagged if you haven’t done yours and if you have, drop a link in the comment box I want to see yours too. 🙂

20150424_095631_12 - Copy

  • I think a lot.
  • I trust people easily.
  • I have certain principles I live by.
  • I am very razz and I play too much.
  • I tend to be lazy and procrastinate a lot.
  • I talk a lot, I love holding stimulating conversations.
  • I am judged heavily from afar and it’s mostly negative.
  • I hate smiling; all my smiles in pictures are always fake.
  • I have never been in a relationship with the opposite sex.
  • I fall out of friendships easily; I do not have a squad or best friend.
  • I laugh a lot, I laugh very hard and for that people think I am a very happy person.
  • I do not like my body: my skin is dry and uneven, I have stretch marks on my ass, thighs and calves, my stomach is too big for my physique, my feet are ugly, I have permanent eye bags, I have these permanent pimples on my forehead that seem to increase when I’m stressed but reduce when everything is normal, my legs aren’t completely straight; they are slightly bow and I don’t like my face because of the extra chin I tend to get when I smile and how my face sort of spreads wide.
  • I have a lot of uncool things to say but I’d stop here.

My name is Olubukola and #IAmNotCool.

Part two of this post is today’s OOTD, this is what I’m wearing at the very moment.


Top – Divided (gifted).

Skirt – Tailor made for N800 (without fabric).

Shoes – Anne Michelle Ankle Strap Sandal Heels (someone should take these shoes from me, I can’t stop wearing them) N4000 at Eko market.

Bag – Gifted & handmade but it costs N4000 from my sister’s friend.

Necklace – Gifted.


Before you say it, yes I love black, a lot and I didn’t wear earrings today because I just didn’t feel like it.

I also agree with DeeMako, there’s this unspoken rule about not repeating outfits/accessories, o ga oh, if you think I’m guilty come and take me to fashion jail for repeating please. 😥

I didn’t realize I was wearing gifted items today until my friend pointed it out, well I’m blessed. 🙂

My hair will be two weeks old tomorrow and I’m so shocked it hasn’t itched me like crazy, cudibee the leave in conditioner? Because I’m not doing anything extraordinary.

I’m not feeling too good, I have been having a bad headache for a week now acting like a migraine so I’m on malaria and migraine preventive pills but that won’t stop the posts I have lined up for you guys.

P.S Jen I haven’t forgotten about the “What’s In Your Bag” post, I scheduled for next week, I’m a bad procrastinator.

Take care of yourselves and have a wonderful weekend, I’m sure I will.


39 thoughts on “#IAmNotCool.

  1. I have the I Am Not Cool post written in my list of to-do posts but I’ve been rethinking it.
    You are cool, flaws and all.
    P.s I love the outfit. I can wear black all day errday.


    1. Thanks hun, lol she’s in Ogun state (back when I was in school) but there should be cheap tailors in Lagos too. N1000/N1500 for a skirt without fabric.


  2. Wow I’m going to take this challenge up hopefully, and you have never been in a relationship with the opposite sex? Huh! That’s alarming. I would love to marry u If I was a dude then..


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