Sinoni Restaurant.

Hey hunnies, how was your weekend? Mine was a blast thanks for asking, Saturday was my sister’s birthday dinner and on Sunday my aunt whisked us to Sandralia Hotel for Abuja’s Banker’s Picnic which was a flop by the way so I won’t do a post on that. Let’s get right into this review.



Restaurant – Sinoni Restaurant Chinese Cuisine.

Location – Zeto Court, Oshogbo Close, off Emeka Anyaoku street, opposite Nicon Luxury Hotel and close to NTA and FCDA, Area 11, Garki, Abuja.

Price – Since it was a buffet for eight (8) persons, we paid N5000 per head for a full course meal (drinks excluded).

Reservations – Reservations were made two weeks prior to the said date.

Website –

I picked out this menu, from starters to dessert, yes I am a chilli lover.

IMG_1308IMG_1209IMG_1307IMG_1326IMG_1327IMG_1325IMG-20150427-WA0040IMG_1328IMG-20150427-WA0042IMG_1329 IMG_1344 IMG_1343


201 – Spring rolls with shrimps and vegetables.

207 – Spicy chicken wings (fried chicken with chilli sauce).

208 – Prawn crackers (I did not include this while picking out the menu, I guess it was on the house).


402 – Stir fried beef with fresh pepper.


505 – Stir fried diced chicken in chilli sauce with peanuts (I told them to exclude the peanuts).


601 –  Squirrel shaped fish in OK sauce.


714 – Stir fried prawns in chilli sauce with peanuts (I told them to exclude the peanuts).


801 –  Deep fried lamb chops.


910 – Stir fried mixed vegetables.

Staple food

1003 – Fried rice mixed with shrimps, egg and vegetables.


1103 – Fruit salad.

1104 – Ice cream galore.


Carlo Rossi California White Wine.

How they tasted

They all tasted great, everyone liked them all, I loved the chicken and beef sauces, the fish and lamb had this taste my taste-buds didn’t like (I get irritated by foreign foods easily so this is just me), my sister didn’t like the mixed vegetables but my aunt loved it. The ice cream galore which was a blend of apple, vanilla and strawberry was super sweet, it had this maybe strawberry syrup on it as well.

What I love about this restaurant

– Talk about affordable! Food for eight persons and we still had left overs.

– Their customer service is 100%, it’s so fascinating that all the staff know the menu by heart so you can waltz in and ask for 402, 1003 and 714 and they know exactly what you ordered for without looking at the menu, how impressive.

– They had designed the private room to suit our taste, from table cloth to balloons on the wall.

Will I go there again?

You bet! I’m big on customer service so even if the food isn’t great, I’d go for a glass of white wine and the excellent staff, lol.

Overall I’d rate this restaurant 8/10, based on ambiance, customer service, location and food.

Outfit details will be in the next post. 😉

Disclaimer: I was not paid for this review, in no way was an incentive granted to me for this review, these are my honest and unbiased thoughts about this restaurant.


23 thoughts on “Sinoni Restaurant.

  1. Food on fleek! (I like good food and I cannot lie).
    At the moment, I’m quite bored with Chinese. I’ve eaten too much of it in my short lifetime. I’m on the lookout for exotic(and affordable) cuisine.
    This post reminded me that I said I’d post a restaurant review on my blog over a month ago but never did. I guess the pictures weren’t as nice as yours are that’s why.
    Nigerian and Natural


      1. Ohh I love Tuke’s blog and I live for her reviews!
        I like Living In Lekki as well but Lekki is far.
        Thank you :*


  2. 5k isn’t bad for a buffet but some of us aren’t naturally slim and have to watch our weight 🙈 the food looks good, and I’m the biggest sucker for Chinese too. By the way Jen, check out Eat Drink Lagos. They have lots and lots of restaurant reviews, and their reviews are unbiased too.


    1. Lol why not indulge then shed the weight later? 😉
      I will check it out too, maybe when I go to Lagos it will come in handy, thanks hun.


      1. 😂 meanie, its not as easy as that Jo. Otherwise I’d have been doing it since. My love for Chinese > my fear of obesity sha lol


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