Monochrome Monday.

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Hi dolls. I had a rough week lastweek with getting what to wear to work, I practically made up my mind when I woke up so this was a last minute outfit.

I’ve worn this outfit before in 2013 for a friend’s sister’s traditional wedding so it wasn’t difficult putting it together. I would’ve had a complete monochrome look but I don’t own red shoes or bags. 😦

I was going to wear heels but I thought (for long) if I really wanted to and I opted for flats instead. Still looks good right?

Top – Tailor made (N800).

Skirt – Forever 21 (can’t remember, maybe N1000 – N1500).

Shoes – Bold and Beautiful by Atmosphere, gifted.

Purse – Forever 21, gifted.

Lipstick – Jordana lipstick in “China Red”, gifted.

Earrings – Opia set of earrings, gifted.


8 thoughts on “Monochrome Monday.

    1. Lol I’m telling you.
      Red is a nice colour provided you find the shade that compliments you, the top is red but the skirt is actually wine.
      Thanks hun!


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