I Made A Wig!

Hi hi and hi again, how have you been dear readers?

So over the weekend I made a wig, yes I made it all by myself hunnay (after watching YouTube videos of course).

Please watch the videos embedded in this post as I cannot do a pictorial.

P.S I used the method in the second video but they’re pretty much similar plus this hair took hours upon hours, my back hurt, my finger, my head, everything. It is time consuming & a bit stressful (not trying to discourage you but just thought you should know).


You’d Need:

– Mesh cap.

– Marley hair (I’d rather you don’t use Noble natural braid because it’s too kinky but if that’s what you can afford, go ahead).

– Wig head/stand.

– Perm rods or Flexi rods (bendy rollers).

– Latch hook (crotchet needle) or bobby pin (I used bobby pin and it would’ve been easier with a latch hook).

– Hot water.

How To:

I used an already “used” hair (the one from my Havanna Twists) but that shouldn’t change the results you’d get.

  • Comb/brush/finger separate the piece of hair (I soaked mine in water to make it easier)
  • Wrap the piece of hair onto the permrods or flexi rods.

  • Place in a bowl/bucket and pour hot (very hot) water into the bowl/bucket.

  • Leave for about 5 – 10 minutes.

  • Bolt with towel and unravel.

  • Wear the mesh cap on the wig head and crotchet each piece of hair (I’m assuming we all know how to crotchet braid if not check here)

  • Style how you want to, either a fringe or a free part, I did a free part with layers.


- (Almost) neck length, yay!
– (Almost) neck length, yay!

20150504_102322 C360_2015-05-04-08-11-22-242 C360_2015-05-04-08-11-42-479


This hair is bouncy yaaassss!

I cornrowed my hair so the style can lay flat, however you can do a leave out if you wish.

I’m not going to bother wasting products on it either because it’s synthetic and a wig, I can always throw it away but my sister sprayed some hold and shine hairspray on it and that will do, with occasional olive oil when I feel like it.

What are your thoughts about this hair? Yay or nay?


42 thoughts on “I Made A Wig!

    1. Thanks hunnay.
      I got the mesh cap and dummy head from my sister’s salon however you can find these at any market, if you’re in Lagos try Yaba (hair section, it’s by the road) or Eko market (hair section too) plus you can ask people to direct you once you get there, if you’re in Abuja you can try Wuse market (hair section too).
      Hope this helps.


  1. Yay! You did a great job. Been wanting to do this forever but no proper wig stand, they don’t sell this type at Yaba, just the woven type, still on my search.


    1. Thanks hunnay.
      Well this can’t be a staple because it’s synthetic but with human hair yaasss and you might not need professional help, all thanks to YouTube.


  2. Ok – I have now watched both videos and I say yay!! curiosity killed the cat… May try this one day soon……


      1. Curiosity they say kills the cat. Curiosity got the better of me and I decided to embark upon a DIY Crotchet Wig journey. 5 packs of marley hair and 6 days later, I finally finished my wig. Why didnt any one warn me it was so time consuming? Curling each pack of extensions took me at least 2 hours (and that is me being modest). I am not talking about the time it took to install that pack (set) of curls on the wig pack. I would estimate another extra 2 hours installing each pack. sigh

        I bought 3 packs of extensions and 3 days later, my work was done. It looked good on the dummy but when I put it on my head! Abasi Mbok!! The spaces on the wig were appalling. I could see my scalp in so many places on the wig. I suspect I allowed too much space between each installed curl. I thought of abandoning the project but the thought of all my wasted time and effort made me trudge on. I had to go and get 2 more packs and subject myself to hours of twisting and curling the strands and then installing them. Another 3 days later, I am finally done. Did I mention this is the last time I will ever curl my wig? I think if I ever embark on this journey again, it will be the straight version. Installation straight from pack to dummy – no more curls.

        I would not say it looks stunning. The polite way of putting it is that the wig is extremely full. Oh well, monkey no fine but im mama go manage am like that. LOL! I’ll most likely put the finished product up on facebook and tag you.


        1. LOL! I laughed so hard while reading this comment yesterday ehn!
          I stated in this post that this wig making thing isn’t for the faint hearted now, sorry girl!
          Six days? I’d just give up walahi.
          Anyhoo, so far you strut it and work it, every other person has no choice but to love it!
          Please tag me on Facebook or Instagram when you post a picture, or you could send it to my email hello@bookiekunlere.com


          1. I trimmed it and rocked it to work this week. Oyibos have been throwing compliments at me like no man’s business. Even my most expensive brazillian weave has not gotten as much compliments as this ‘crotchet wig’. Oh – CG I love ur curls! Your hair looks so nice. I am taking it in good faith. I really cant decipher if they r being sarcastic or being ironic. I’m loving my full head of hair though. So proud I got there in the end. LOL!


  3. You did great!

    I recently purchased a latch hook from a seller I found on OLX- (Zubechi- 08105111011) she was very courteous and delivered to me.

    I made a crochet wig using the Expression multi hair attachment and a wig cap similar to yours.


    1. Thanks dear.
      Oh that’s good, I was going to purchase it but all thanks to laziness, good to know there are credible sellers on OLX.


  4. Hello, nice wig pls where did you get the mesh cap n how much pls cos I went to casabella and it’s 1200 n I think it’s expensive. Thanks


  5. Your wig is lovely. Making a curly crochet braid wig can be exhausting, I tried making one, was exactly as CG described her but i wasnt courageous enough to find a solution to it(hair wasted). I subsequently made a wig using weave-on, was faster and less-time consuming. Next time i want to make a crochet braid wig, i’llprobably use a pre-curled hair extension(i heard x-pression multi is nice).
    PS i love your blog


    1. Thanks hunnay.
      Haha CG remedied hers after she emailed me, it was much better after a few snips here and there.
      Well pre curled hair for the win, less hassle and mwaahhh!


    2. @Tosin – If you have not thrown it away, I would recommend giving it a little trim / snip here and there. That was the remedy for mine and it is waxing stronger everyday.


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