The Denim Series – The Ripped Jeans.

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Ello baes! What’s good?

I’m so excited about this series because it wasn’t difficult to pull together; the easiest thing after “monochromizing” (if there’s any word like that) because I own quite a few pairs of jeans, so for the next days I’m going to show you all how I styled my jeans to work and the types of jeans you should at least have in your wardrobe.

Today being a Monday we’re starting with Ripped Jeans.

Blazer – Kobron, gifted.

Camisole – Random buy.

Jeans – Denim Co, gifted (my sister buys 80% of my jeans 😀 ).

Shoes – New Look, gifted.

Lol my wardrobe is about 70% gifted items.

Will you wear ripped/distressed jeans to work?


12 thoughts on “The Denim Series – The Ripped Jeans.

  1. Jeans are so so essential!
    Unfortunately I only own like 2 right now.
    On a serious hunt for nice, affordable ones.
    And yes I would wear ripped jeans to work; the dress code at my office is pretty much casual/non-existent.
    Nigerian and Natural


    1. My friend sells, I can hook you up if you’re interested in preorder stuff, otherwise, yaba market is your best bet, goes for about 1800-2000n or Eko market.
      Same here, dress code is non-existent and I’m so happy about that ehn, nothing better.


      1. Thank you Bookie.
        With clothes in general, I like to try them on and see how they fit before buying. That’s why I hardly buy clothes from online stores.
        I should try Yaba(although I really hate that market because of all the touching)


        1. Well if you know your perfect size, you don’t have to worry.
          Ha I hate it too for that “sister come I get chinos, confam jeans for you” lmao gosh.


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