The Denim Series – The High Waist Jeans.

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Hi barbies! Here’s part two of the denim series and today I’d be showing you guys the high waist jeans. I haven’t really found the perfect fit for jeans, I always have problems with the waist, even when my sister bought these jeans for me (lol yes again my sister buys my jeans), I had to get it amended at the sides, price you pay for having ‘small’ waist.

I really don’t like anything that passes my elbows so I tend to roll up my sleeves.

Those shoes are higghhh but comfortable though.

I rolled the ends of my jeans just because it wasn’t flattering my feet with its full length.

Blouse – Sapling from Paige Clothings N2000-2500 (can’t remember).

Jeans – Catch Me from India, gifted.

Shoes – Charlotte Russe, gifted.

P.S I’m already tired of my wig as usual, I want to make another but a proper wig with needle and thread, I’d definitely do a post when I’m ready and I’m so glad this crotcheted wig inspired a lot of us, yaaayyyy!


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