The Denim Series – The Boyfriend Jeans.

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TGIF! How are you dolls doing today? Oh I am an 8am – 6pm worker so when Friday shows up I am always super excited. It’s such a good day in Abuja all thanks to the rain, I’m even thinking of doing the fringe hairstyle because we’re pretty much in rainy season haha!

I’ve had this jeans for a while now, say months, and I never wore it because I really don’t like straight jeans, they have this unappealing look and my feet are already ugly, I don’t need anything that will emphasize that, however after reading April of BeybiApril ‘s boyfriend jeans post, I said I need to pick these jeans up and try to make it work and that’s what clothes are about, making them work for you.

I initially was going to wear a white and black blouse with horses printed on it but it was torn on the sleeve (right after I was done dressing up, I was so sad) and so I just yanked this from my wardrobe and it seemed to work just fine.

I like this blouse because both the front and collar are made from chiffon while the back and sleeves are made from lycra, very creative. I turned up the ends of the jeans as well because I like them that way.

Sadly this will be the last of the denim series, sniffffssss, it was funnn and I’m happy you all enjoyed it, should I continue with posts like this? (do I even have enough clothes to work with sef lol)

Blouse – H&M but it was thrifted from Yaba market so…

Jeans – Boyfriend jeans by Denim co, gifted.

Shoes – Loslandifen, N6500 from Sass & Class.

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P.S I was feeling myself so bad in these pictures ^.^ and I used my digital camera for these shots (Sony CyberShot Camera), are the pictures better now?

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12 thoughts on “The Denim Series – The Boyfriend Jeans.

  1. aww! right back at ya!
    You’ve done it better than mine, I super loved it.
    Thank you so much for the tag and it feels so good knowing I inspired you in a way to finally.. You know/ wear your jeans! hihihi. All the best!

    April of:
    Instagram: @aprilnunezzz


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