Blogversary, It’s Been A Year!



The blog is now bookiekunlere DOT COM! Haha yes, if you didn’t notice, is gone! I got a domain on Friday but I didn’t want to steal the shine off the post on Friday which you can find here by the way, so I decided to post this on Monday. I’m so excited and thanks to everyone for congratulating me, lol yes this one na achievement oh don’t dull.

The blog’s anniversary is actually 9th of March but seeing that day was my sister’s birthday, I was so caught up i completely forgot and then thought it was May instead, anyways better late than never right? Happy Blogversary to us! Yes us! There’s no blog without readers/subscribers so here’s to us!

I had over 3000 views this month, it may seem like nothing to some people but it means everything to me, it isn’t my highest but so far as 2015 is concerned, it is my highest thus far and I owe it all to my wonderful readers, here’s to one year of not so perfect/consistent blogging, I love you all, and for those who keep dropping their dose of love on my blog, I always blush at your comments before replying, I’m an emotional wreck sorry lol!

I also noticed I’m gaining more ground with readers from Nigeria, it’s like 50% higher than my regular readers base (USA), nonetheless I love you all from every country and I’m so glad that this tiny blog has kept you glued to its posts over and again!


Here’s to the second chapter of my blog, better content that’d have you completely glued (amen), don’t forget check to the sidebar to your right in order to subscribe or ask me questions or drop a compliment (I love compliments). Also, to follow me on my social platforms, click on their respective icons, still at the right sidebar, however, if you’re viewing this with your phone you’d scroll down to the very end of the page.


P.S for collaborations, NH features, style features (coming soon but shoot me an email if interested) and etc, click here. 😉

Have a wonderful week dolls!


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