Owambe Saturday.

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Happy new month darlings! May this month rain blessings and unexpected opportunities in Jesus’ name, AMEN!

So I’m the worst procrastinator, I’m sorry, this post was like two Saturdays ago in celebration of my domain but I completely forgot about the pictures because they were on my camera.

Anyways, I went for this owambe with my aunt. Don’t know what an owambe is? Read my definition below lol.

Typically, an owambe involves going for a party/ceremony/wedding in which you weren’t invited by the host but you know one or two people who were invited and are attending so you just tag along.

So yessss I knew no one at this wedding, my aunt was invited so I tagged along and we got front table yo! Owambe on fleek lol!

I love weddings a lot. So sad that my owambe game has reduced all thanks to this boring Abuja, last wedding I went for was in January, five months ago! The souvenir shared at this wedding ehn, it was unending really!

Is there anyone here who at an owambe would want to take that extra juice/food on the table but you hold back because you don’t want people thinking you’re a foodie? I missed my opportunity because I dey try form prim and proper, still thinking about that fries and chicken I let go. 😦

The dress I wore, it was the aso ebi picked for my friend’s brother’s wedding back in 2014, funny enough it was the same colour combination used at this wedding: teal and coral, so trust me, when my aunt said the aso ebi colour, I yanked this dress immediately.

I MADE/SEWED THIS DRESS! My tailor sisters in the house say ooooohhhhh! I did a breast cut for the top and ran on it so it can stay firm then I sewed the underlining together with the dress at the sides excluding the front, only tailors will understand what I just said lol. This dress made me emotional, like I actually cried while cutting/sewing it because the fabric is hard to deal with using a regular manual machine but thank God for my tutor and the results.

Dress – Yours truly ^.^

Fabric Toyemi Dadiva.

Purse – New Look, sister’s wardrobe, .

Shoes – Brash, gifted.

Rings – Aliexpress.

Necklace – Aunt’s wardrobe.

Let’s all say bye to this crocheted wig, I had a good time with it but now the trash needs it more than I do.

I’m wearing my hair out till further notice, I want to do bob box braids but I’m afraid the stylists won’t get it and I want to go blonde too! That should be fun haha!


28 thoughts on “Owambe Saturday.

  1. Ahn ahn… Too much hotness but let’s talk about how I haven’t how I haven’t eaten jollof rice and moi moi in 4years all in the name of getting a degree 😥😹😱😱


    1. Lol you know! 😉
      Mahn! No jollof rice restaurant in Nairobi? Struggu.
      If it makes you feel better the jollof rice was bleh but the fried rice was good (fried rice lover)


  2. Fine girl. I so luff ur dress, I’ll sew ur style, but I don’t know if it will fit me like dis o. Nyc Pictures


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